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Temple University College Survival Guide: May Edition

April showers bring May flowers- but they also bring the first month of summer, graduation, and exciting things to do in the city! We're here to fill you in on everything happening on/around campus for the rest of the month.

templeuhrl • One month ago

How To Adjust To Your First Month Back Home

Everyone knows the feeling. The bittersweet transition from independent college student, back to home life can be tricky. What should you expect? How should you act? We've got it covered right here.

templeuhrl • 2 months ago

How To: Pack For Move-Out!

Can you believe Spring 2019 is almost over? Neither can we! Check out some helpful tips to make your move-out as stress-free as possible!

templeuhrl • 3 months ago

College Survival Guide: April Edition

It's April at Temple University! Spring is here, the days are longer, and we can't believe how much there is to do in Philadelphia this month! Check out some survival tips for April at TU!

templeuhrl • 3 months ago

5 Reasons To Prep For Finals In Your Residence Hall

Summer 2019 is fast approaching and it's time to get cracking on studying for finals. Check out these 5 reasons to study in your residence hall!

templeuhrl • 3 months ago

7 Things To Consider When Picking Your Room

Calling all Owls, new and returning! The time to pick your room is nearing and there's lots to consider. Let's dive into the top seven considerations you should have when selecting your room at Temple University.

templeuhrl • 4 months ago

Philadelphia Things You Must Do Before You Graduate

Brace yourselves, Owls. You're about to see some of the biggest Philadelphia clichés, but for good reason. Be sure to check out these awesome Philadelphia must-sees before you graduate!

templeuhrl • 4 months ago

College Survival Guide: March Edition

From Spring Break to St. Paddy's Day, we've got all there is to do on and around campus this month!

templeuhrl • 4 months ago

Things To Consider When Spring Cleaning

Now that you're settled back into the Spring semester, you might be thinking it's time to do that major cleaning you've been saying you were going to do for about three months. But where to start!? We've got the low down on the best tips and tricks to start your Spring Semester on a clean slate.

templeuhrl • 5 months ago

What Does A Peer Mentor Do?

Living Learning Communities wouldn't be complete without their very own, one of a kind, Peer Mentor! Specifically chosen for each LLC, Peer Mentors act as your guide to on-campus living within your residence hall, major, and city!

templeuhrl • 5 months ago

Celebrating Valentine's Day If You Live On Campus

Sometimes a "less is more" attitude is the best route- especially when you're in college. Valentine's Day doesn't have to be a $200 event, in fact, it can be free! If you're a lover on a budget this Valentine's day, here's some of the best things to do right in your dorm to celebrate the special person/people in your life.

templeuhrl • 5 months ago

Temple College Survival Guide - February

It's February at Temple University! Here's some cool things happening on and around campus!

templeuhrl • 5 months ago

5 Reasons To Join A Living Learning Community

Living Learning Communities (LLCs) offer a great opportunity for like-minded students to come together to foster academic, personal, and professional relationships. But why should you join?

templeuhrl • 6 months ago

College Survival Guide: January Edition

This month marks the beginning of the Spring Semester which means Spring move-in is upon us. We've got all you need to know for a smooth transition back to campus and classes.

templeuhrl • 6 months ago

New Year, New You

Tis the season for New Years Resolutions. We all make them, we all give up on them by February. But not this year - not in 2019! This is our year, Owls - here's some New Years Resolutions sure to set you up for the best year yet.

templeuhrl • 7 months ago

College Survival Guide: December Edition

Brace yourselves- finals season is here! This month we're finishing the Fall Semester and gearing up for final exams, projects, and papers. Here's what to do on campus and in Philly as this semester comes to a close.

templeuhrl • 7 months ago

5 Things To Do In Philly Over Winter Break

Winter break is here and you've finally got some time to spare. Here's 5 ways to enjoy break in Philadelphia!

templeuhrl • 8 months ago

How To Plan a Res Hall Friendsgiving Feast

There's no combo like food and friends, so take advantage of the holiday and treat yourselves to a friendsgiving feast! It's easier than you think and a Residence Hall is the place to be for a meal shared with your best college pals.

templeuhrl • 8 months ago

How To Not Sleep Through Your Alarm

With Class Selection season upon us, remembering to set your alarm and actually wake up is more important than ever. Don't miss out on the perfect Spring schedule because you snoozed instead of stopped! Check out out our helpful tips for being wide awake and alert in time for class selection.

templeuhrl • 8 months ago

Temple UHRL's College Survival Guide - November Edition

With only a bit over a month left until the end of the semester, it might be time for some brief relaxation before finals. Here's how to navigate November at Temple University.

templeuhrl • 8 months ago