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    Temple University College Survival Guide: May Edition

    April showers bring May flowers- but they also bring the first month of summer, graduation, and exciting things to do in the city! We're here to fill you in on everything happening on/around campus for the rest of the month.

    Celebrate Memorial Day this weekend at the Delaware River Waterfront


    Head down to Spruce Street Harbor Park, The Blue Cross RiverRink, or Cherry Street Pier to get the best view of Saturday night's fireworks display. While you're there, make sure to swing in some hammocks, grab a bite to eat, and enjoy the perfect weather.

    Check out the Philadelphia Chinese Lantern Festival!


    For most of the year, Philadelphians are unable to see past the closed gates on Franklin Square, but now until June 4th all are welcome to participate in the Chinese Lantern Festival! The Square features 30 new lanterns and awesome live performances.

    Philly Tango Fest


    Maybe you already have the slick moves...or maybe you're looking to learn them! Head down to the Lithuanian Music Hall Association for their annual Tango Festival! There will be dance parties, music, food, and yes, dance classes!

    For more info:

    Manayunk Stroll the Streets


    Beginning May 30th, every Thursday night in Manayunk is an open invitation to enjoy music, food, shopping, and more, all while walking through the open streets. There's no pre-weekend getaway like Manayunk's main street.

    Stop by the Bell Tower to bid farewell to Paley Library

    Temple University Photography

    Before you know it, it'll be a study space of the past. Grab a bite to eat from one of the vendors at The Wall and head over to the Bell Tower lawn for lunch. Make sure to reminisce about the long days/nights spent studying in Paley...and then turn to your right and get hype for all of the studying to come in Charles Library!

    Take a trip to Kelly Drive


    There's nothing like a view of the Schuykill River, complimented by the Art Museum and Center City skyline in the background. If you want the best views and need to get outside for a bit, definitely take a trip to Kelly Drive. See the opposite side of Boat House row (equally as pretty) and stop by the Cosmic Cafe for a snack! If you're looking to take things up a notch, rent a bike from Wheel Fun Rentals (directly across from the cafe).

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