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18 Classic Cartoon Theme Songs Performed In One Mashup

From DuckTales to Jem: your childhood in 4 minutes. This musician performs all your favorites, real-time, in one epic mashup.

Pina 4 years ago

Your State Slogan Is Crap

"Sunshine state"? "Smiling faces, beautiful places"? We've come up with some better slogans for each one of the 50 states of the USA.

Pina 6 years ago

7 "Final Countdown" Covers For The End Of The World

A musical advent calendar for the apocalypse.

Pina 6 years ago

Is Canada's New $100 Bill Racist?

The Bank of Canada modified the artwork on its new $100 bill after focus groups raised concerns over Asians, science, and who best represents Canada.

gunnarolla 7 years ago

How To Write A Song That Makes No Sense

Could this be the future of songwriting? Let your fans write the lyrics - you'll end up singing about chickens, and poop.

Pina 7 years ago