How To Write A Song That Makes No Sense

Could this be the future of songwriting? Let your fans write the lyrics - you’ll end up singing about chickens, and poop.

At various times in his musical career thus far, YouTuber gunnarolla has asked his fans to submit lyrics that he could turn into songs.

See & hear the results, below…

1. “You look like the tender part… of a steak”

The Chicken Told Me I Was Gay

2. “Ich habe sauerkraut in meinen lederhosen”

The Foreign Language Song

3. “Take my banana, I took my love too far”

What If I Was a Llama?

4. “You’re a terrible person, but I can’t stop loving you…”

We Are What You Tweet: The Musical

5. BONUS! “Where’s my BUCKET?”

Metal Mad Libs by Rob Scallon

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