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11 Charts Only "Doctor Who" Fans Will Understand

They're bigger on the inside.

Boba Fett Rum

Got a little Boba in you? I really hope this is everyone drinks at Mos Eisley Cantina. [Editor's note: This image has been around for a while, but things this awesome never go out of style.]

The Best Recipes For Cake In A Jar

Why have cake in a jar, you ask? Because it's awesome! This cake is not a lie, so I'd advise you to stop drooling and start baking now!

Cats Try To Understand A Treadmill

Thinking of this scene from Zoolander makes this even funnier.

Victorian Star Trek

I say chap. Do beam us aboard your space vessel, post-haste. Sure, the Holodeck doesn't show up until Star Trek: The Next Generation, but I'd like to think this is how most of the crew would've spent their time.

Desperately Seeking Symmetry

The same people who brought us, "Words," are back with a short called "Symmetry," based off Radiolab's episode, "Desperately Seeking Symmetry."

The Greatest Scenes From Arthur On PBS

In honor of 35 years of Arthur the Aardvark, I present to you the best scenes from the PBS television show. This is my childhood, all wrapped up in one post.

Stunning Mountain Timelapse By Terje Sorgjerd

Norwegian landscape photographer Terje Sørgjerd made this amazing video of stars in the Milky Way galaxy along with Spain's highest mountain, El Teide.

47 Years Of Doctor Who In 6 Minutes

Here you go, nerds. You probably already knew all this because you have memorized it, but it's nice to look at the pictures.

Prom Dresses Through The Decades

Prom might be fairly young concept, but its fashion sense sure has changed a lot in the last eighty years. From sensible formal attire to the tragedy that was fashion in the 1980s, each generation has their own idea of what the "correct" dress code is.

My Little Time Lord Figurines

Characters from Doctor Who re-envisioned by fans as My Little Ponies. Yeah, I'm that much of a fangirl. No shame.

Behind The Scenes Of The Hobbit

Peter Jackson posted his first video blog giving a sneak peak behind the scenes of The Hobbit. It'll make the hair on your feet stand on end. Nerds, commence to manipulating your Bilbos!

GZA, RZA, And ODB On 1991 Public Access

Here's a vintage clip of the Gza (Genius), ODB (Ason Unique), and Rza (Prince Rakeem) from the Wu-Tang on a public access show called Rhythm & Soul promoting GZA’s first LP “Words From The Genius”.

Terminator 2 Cake

Saddest cake ever.

50 Magazine Covers From 20 Years Ago

In 1991, Family Matters was the hot TV show, MC Hammer was the biggest thing in music, and Oprah said she would NEVER diet again (lol). Enjoy this nostalgia overload.

25 Things You Probably Didn't Know About "Gone With The Wind"

Oh fiddle dee dee. What better way to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the beginning of the Civil War then with the movie that taught us all that tomorrow is another day?

20 Amazing Pieces Of Vinyl Record Art

It's National Record Store Day on Saturday! Here's a tribute to people who took vinyl off their shelves and turned it into an art form all its own. As Matt Stopera once said, "Don't let the music die!!!"

Things That Are Better With Top Hats

Everything. Quite smashing. Some of these jolly chaps had me LQL: Laughing Quite Loudly.

Rebecca Black Physics

The thinking behind this song is way more complex than I realized.

Tom Baker (With Cats)

One of the best Doctors, Tom Baker, with cats. That is all. [ from, via ]

Blog-Post Marriage Proposal Captured by Webcam

While we're on a proposal kick, here's another adorable marriage proposal done via the internet.

What Should I Ask The Cast Of Doctor Who?

Help!! I am interviewing the cast of Doctor Who for BuzzFeed at 4 this afternoon.

When Snoop Dogg Met Pee Wee Herman

Too much gangsta in one photo!

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