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7 "Final Countdown" Covers For The End Of The World

A musical advent calendar for the apocalypse.

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This week, with some believing that the end of the world is slated to take place on December 21, YouTube personality and multi-instrumentalist Andrew Huang is releasing daily covers of "The Final Countdown", in genres ranging from classical guitar to dubstep to rap.

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The classic Europe song is suitably epic for such a countdown, and takes well to the myriad of musical treatments Huang is giving it.

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How does he suggest handling our coming demise? Comfort eating.

Adding his own lyrics to the hip-hop version of the song, he raps: "Face it, kids, with just days to live, I think I'm just gonna raid the fridge."

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Three more versions will be coming during the rest of the week - or maybe two, depending on what time the apocalypse actually arrives...

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