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    How 15 Dogs Hacked Hollywood & Took Over The Oscars

    Move over North Korea, the #DogsofInstagram just out hacked you

    1. Potato McTater the Shihtzu as Rocket Raccoon

    Via Instagram: @potato_mctater

    For starters, can we just talk about the ridiculous cuteness that is a Shintzu named Potato McTater? Just stop it. That face just screams adorable. But don't let that fool you. "Being the foul-mouthed Rocket Raccoon was easy, but it took months of training to slim down the fluff." Well Potato, WE FEEL YOU. It's not easy being cheesy.

    2. Arnedoodle the Shichon from London as Gustave H.

    Via Instagram: @arnedoodle

    Brits already have the upper hand when it comes to bow ties, but how can you resist this adorable pup and his perfect fluffy paws as Monsieur Gustave H from The Grand Budapest Hotel? Opposable thumbs or not, you can check us into this hotel any day.

    3. Gizmo: The Fluffiest Sniper to Ever Steal Our Hearts

    Via Instagram: @me_and_tzu

    I mean just when you thought your heart couldn't take any more love, Gizmo strolled on screen next to Bradley Cooper. Cue the waterworks

    4. Maximus the Maltipoo is GONE! Giiiiirrrrrl.

    Via Instagram: @maimusthemaltipoo

    If Amy Dunne made you want to stab needles in your eyes and say "don't let the door hit you on the way out", then Maximus will change your perspective. We would call out the National Guard to find him. Plus, he and Ben Affleck would make really cute puppies, right?

    Their celebrity name would probably be Maxifleck.

    5. Carl "Inarritu" the Worlds Tiniest Director

    Via Instagram: @__Carll__

    Rumor has it that in preparation for Emma Stone's big break down scene in Birdman, Carll refused to give her kisses for 3 whole days. CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE?!? We would cry too Emma.

    6. Cami, the cutest flying dog since The NeverEnding Story

    Via Instagram: @mellyhopper

    Remember how we all fell in love with Falkor the Luck Dragon in 1984? WELL MOVE OVER FALKOR - Cami is here to enchant a whole new generation with the charms of flying luck pups in How to Train Your Dragon 2

    7. Ella Frenchgerald the Broadway Crossover Star

    Via Instagram: @ellafrenchgerald

    Ella Frenchgerald the French Bulldog puppy is so adorable in her role as the witch from Into the Woods, it almost makes you forget about whats-her-name that is really nominated for this role, doesn't it?

    8. Dapper Desmond is a Foxcatcher

    Via Instagram: @dapper_desmond

    This movie IS about catching foxes, right?

    9. Dog Hero 6

    Via Instagram: @cottonball_dogs

    If Disney would just remember that animated dogs ALWAYS bring in more money at the box office, this movie could have been just THAT much better. Who doesn't want to watch Cotton Ball dogs and animated robots play?

    10. Lucie the Boxtroll

    Via Instagram: @lucietheshihtzu

    Did anyone see this movie? Or did it only exist in previews for 3 years straight? We'd rather see this fluff muffin anyways.

    11. A MUCH cuter Red Carpet

    Via Instagram: @shitzuwaytion

    What if we just let dogs run all over the red carpet? Wouldn't that be SO much cuter? Answer: YES.

    12. ...and this Frenchie is the Boss of it.

    Via Instagram: @littlebossladyp

    This adorable Frenchie, Piper is a member of the "Pawcademy" and is the BOSS of the red carpet. If you weren't sure, then just check out her bling. Watch out Kanye, if you try to take the mic from this pooch, she will fart on you. You have been warned.

    13. Cooper the Shihtzu in Doghood

    Elizabeth Ho / Via

    Of course all the PAWCADEMY members have their own role to play. Like Cooper, just crushing his grass rolling cameo in Boyhood. Frankly we would have rather watched 12 years of a puppy growing up anyways.

    14. Bijou the Owl Faced Royalty

    Liz Ho / Via

    Not every pup can pull off this hair do - but Bjiou's mom is a makeup artist by trade so she's got the upper paw in making sure the Pawcademy looks its best. Don't you just want to BOOP that nose?

    15. Coco the American Snuggler

    Liz Ho / Via

    CAN YOU EVEN HANDLE THAT FACE?! Snuggle it right now!

    Hugs not Drugs, Coco.

    Make Love Not War.

    Give Snuggling a Chance.

    Ok, we will.

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