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21 Delightful Reasons To Have More Sex

It's sexual healing. No, but actually.

1. Recent studies show sex can grow more brain cells, actually making you smarter.

2. It's an excellent workout.

3. In fact, you can burn about 100 calories per average sex sesh*.

4. Humping literally makes you a happier person.

5. Doing it regularly improves your immune system.

6. And afterward, you will have the best sleep of your life.

7. "Orgasm can block pain," says a professor at Rutgers University.

8. It can help ward off prostate cancer for guys.

9. And improve heart health for ladies.

10. It will make your skin ~*glow*~

11. Post-coital foods, like cheese and chocolate, just taste better.

No science here: It just does.

12. So does wine. So drink more wine.

13. Do it now so you can do it later.

14. You can advance to expert levels the better you get at it.

Consequently becoming more fit and flexible.

15. Sex enhances your sense of smell.

16. Sex between loving couples creates a hormonal urge to bond and cuddle. And who doesn't love a little cuddlin'?

17. Two magical words: LIGHTER PERIODS (and fewer cramps!).

18. It's also a cure for hangovers.

19. BREAKING: Sexytime is fun!

20. Safe sexytime, that is.

21. So if you've already toot-toot and beep-beeped today, here's to you.