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19 Times Canada Mercilessly Trolled The Rest Of The World On Tumblr

When you ask dumb questions, Canadians respond.

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1. When we explained our geography:

2. And then helped to label a more accurate map of North America:


4. When someone revealed our secret language:

5. And used it insensitively:

6. Moreover, when someone exposed the secret spell:

7. When we bravely talked about the perils Canadians face every single day:


8. When we explained how a Canadian is birthed:

9. And then explained how a Canadian dies:

10. When we introduced the state of Canada:

11. When we took people in as our own — AGAINST THEIR WILL:

12. When we turned a joke about moose into a joke about Jared Padalecki:


13. And brought in Tom Hiddleston for no good (but every good) reason:

14. When we explained our emblematic beaver:

15. When we accounted for Justin Bieber:

16. When we explained why we don't have armed forces*:

*We do.

17. When we explained what an All Canadian Man is:

18. When Canadians tried to seduce Aussies. But none for Gretchen Wieners:

19. And finally, and most epically, when we plotted how we will one day achieve world and universal domination:


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