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    Chris Hemsworth’s Jumper Just Massively Helped A Local Charity

    "It ain't weak to speak."

    ICYMI Chris Hemsworth is currently filming in Brisbane, much to people's delight.

    So many fans trying to get a peak at #Thor filming in Brisbane @abcnews

    This is the crazy line of people trying to catch a peek at Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston as they film Thor: Ragnarok.

    But charity Livin were even more delighted to see the superstar rocking their jumper during breaks in filming.

    Channel 7

    Livin is a non-for-profit organisation, and was founded in 2013 by Casey Lyons and Sam Webb.


    The two founded the charity after the loss of their friend Dwanye Lally. The organisation aims to destroy the stigma attached to mental illness, while connecting, supporting, and inspiring people to talk about their feelings, issues, and problems, using the catchphrase, "It Ain't Weak To Speak".

    "It's so great to see someone of his profile getting behind the charity," co-founder Sam Webb told BuzzFeed.

    Hemsworth heard about the charity from a friend of the co-founders who happens to work on set. "He took an interest in it, and in the clothes, and was happy to help support it," Webb said.

    Sales have gone up since Hemsworth was seen reppin' the brand.

    Channel 7

    "It's been massive, today's sales have definitely spiked!"

    You can purchase the jumper Chris was wearing here, as well as check out other clothing options from Livin here.

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