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    19 '00s Songs You Definitely Forgot About Until This Very Second

    "Oh I think... I think I know this." - Probably you, but I'm not a mindreader.

    1. "On The Way Down" - Ryan Cabrera

    YouTube: AtlanticRecords / Via

    Sure, Ryan Cabrera was more famous for who he was dating at the time, but remember this song?! Keep those eyes peeled for a baby-faced Ashlee Simpson.

    2. "Over" - Lindsay Lohan

    Universal / Via

    I'm not gonna lie, this song is a low-key banger, especially if you're 14, your crush hasn't written back to your text, and you're angsty as hell. I am actually none of these things, sadly, so I'll keep listening through my headphones.

    3. "These Walls" - Teddy Geiger

    YouTube: TeddyGeigerVEVO / Via

    "HOLY SHIT, TEDDY GEIGER!" - You right now. His name definitely triggers those nostalgic high school memories of "For You I Will", but remember "These Walls"? Guys? Anyone?

    4. "Overdrive" - Katy Rose

    Rykodisc / Via

    Those Mean Girls related flashbacks are everything.

    5. "Lovesong" - Amiel

    Festival / Via

    For the crush-related incident your teen heart broke over.

    6. "Mixtape" - Butch Walker

    Ruby Red Productions / Via

    This song was definitely on a few teen shows, such as One Tree Hill, but in the video he creeps into a girl's room and starts taking photos of her and going through her things?? And now it's forever ruined??

    7. "I'm Not Missing You" - Stacie Orrico

    Virgin / Via

    The lyrics may have made it to your MSN name for a hot second there, but let's be real, you never thought about the song after that.

    8. "Hey There Delilah" - Plain White T's

    Fearless Records / Via

    Hey there snore-lilah.

    9. "Can I Go Now" - Jennifer Love Hewitt

    YouTube: JenniferLHewittVEVO / Via

    Oh. My. God. To everything about this. The hat. The overall fashion. That 2003 haircut that looks eerily similar to my 2016 haircut. Fuck.

    10. "I Hate Everything About You" - Three Days Grace

    YouTube: ThreeDaysGraceVEVO / Via

    Perfect for blaring loudly from your room when you weren't allowed to go to that super-cool party back in high school. Don't blare it from your room now though. That's weird, and your housemates won't understand the fact you're subtly telling them to clean their dishes.

    11. "1 Thing" - Amerie

    YouTube: AmerieVEVO / Via

    What happened to Amerie?!

    12. "Crush" - David Archuleta

    YouTube: davidarchuletaVEVO / Via

    I've got nothing guys. I don't even remember one tiny THING about this song and listening to it jogged no memories.

    13. "The Reason" - Hoobastank

    YouTube: HoobstankVEVO / Via

    If you DO remember this song, it's probably from Singstar.

    14. "When You Look At Me" - Christina Milian

    YouTube: ChristinaMilianVEVO / Via

    I've never seen a more '00s outfit in my life, WHAT A VIBE.

    15. "Get Stoned" - Hinder

    YouTube: HinderVEVO / Via

    He looks like some modern day version of Jesus walking into an orgy telling everyone to get high.

    16. "Bad Day" - Daniel Powter

    Warner Bros Records / Via

    "Coz you had a bad day! You taken umm something mmhmmm yeah, mmm YEAH you had a bad day!" - Everyone singing this song.

    17. "Help Me" - Nick Carter

    YouTube: NickCarterVevo / Via

    Help me forget this song was released.

    18. "I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker" - Sandi Thom

    YouTube: sandithom / Via

    Sorry, now that you remember, this song will be stuck in your head for the rest of eternity.

    19. Somewhere Only We Know” - Keane

    YouTube: KeaneVEVO / Via

    Omg why does this song make me feel I've officially hit my quarter-life crisis?! WHY AM I CRYING RIGHT NOW???? I hate this list.

    Listen to the playlist here!

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