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A Ranking Of 27 Classic ’00s Teen Movies, From Worst To Best

So many memories.

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Hello! We (Tabatha, Roz, and Ailbhe) were all teenagers who watched a lot of chick flicks in the '00s.

Here is our ranking of the most pertinent cinematic masterpieces of the greatest decade.

27. It's A Boy Girl Thing (2006)

Rocket Pictures /

Ailbhe: This was a Freaky Friday-style film. There was a weird boy-girl body swap in it. And Anna from The O.C.! And a period joke?

Roz: It was so bad. And it had a whole, “Hey Dad, I’m just trying to figure out my life, stop pressuring me,” storyline.

Ailbhe: Yesss, and they were neighbours?

Roz: Yes! Neighbours!

26. EuroTrip (2004)

DreamWorks Pictures /

Roz: Picture every offensive European stereotype you can think of. That was this film. It had Buffy’s little sister in it. What’s her name? She was in Gossip Girl.

Ailbhe: Michelle Trachtenberg!

Roz: It tried so hard to be funny. There were lots of slapstick and “whooooa, crazy! Europeans are SO weird!” moments.

25. Not Another Teen Movie (2001)

Original Film /

Tabatha: These parody films were so crap. I never understood who their target audience was meant to be. Like, why would teenage girls watch films that made fun of films for teenage girls?

Roz: All I remember from this film was that amusing moment where two black men fought over who was the “token black guy”.

Ailbhe: Was Anna Faris in this? I can’t remember the difference between this and Scary Movie.

Roz: Oh yeah. Those two films merge for me too. She was in all of these films, I swear.

Ailbhe: I remember the trailer for this being waayyyy better than the film.

24. She's the Man (2006)

DreamWorks /

Ailbhe: This was a GREAT film.

Roz: Ohhhh this was the Shakespeare one, right?!

Ailbhe: Yes, Twelfth Night. It also had a tampon joke. There was a lot of period humour in the '00s. The ladies’ version of the guys' gross-out stuff?

Roz: Was the guy hot in this film? I have a feeling he was hot.

Tabatha: OMG YES! It was Channing Tatum.

Roz: Swoon.

Tabatha: Amanda Bynes though. :(

23. Aquamarine (2006)

20th Century Fox /

Tabatha: I LOVED THIS FILM SO SO MUCH. My sister and I used to rent this maybe twice a week.

Ailbhe: I used to watch this babysitting all the time. It was about a mermaid in Hawaii?

Tabatha: Yes! And then the mermaid befriends JoJo and her very skinny, blonde friend. And they made earrings out of starfish.

Ailbhe: How unsanitary.

Roz: I love JoJo.

22. What a Girl Wants (2003)

Warner Bros. /

Ailbhe: Another Amanda Bynes classic. It features the MOST '00S OUTFIT EVER. She wears a white tank-top, flared jeans, and a scarf as a sarong. And loads of bangles.

Tabatha: Amanda Bynes' name was Daphne. Daphne was my favourite name in the '00s.

Ailbhe: It also has a strange father/daughter approval sub-plot. He's a politician running for prime minister. And Amanda Bynes lives with her mum in America and dreams of meeting her dad.

Tabatha: Her dad in this is Colin Firth. What was Colin Firth doing in an Amanda Bynes film?!

Ailbhe: Being a politician with GRAVITAS.

Roz: Does Colin Firth play every British man in every American film? Is that a thing he does? I wonder if Americans just think “British man” and see his glorious face.

21. The Prince and Me (2004)

Lions Gate Entertainment /

Ailbhe: Julia Stiles?

Roz: Julia Stiles! She can do no wrong.

Tabatha: Julia Stiles! She has the sexiest voice in the world.

Ailbhe: Wow. Are you guys her fanclub?

Roz: I WISH.

Tabatha: Once my mum pointed out that all of her facial features are too close together. I was so upset.

20. Wild Child (2008)

StudioCanal /

Ailbhe: Great! Emma Roberts as a *wild* *child*.

Roz: So rebellious!

Ailbhe: She dyes her hair brown and it looks great.

Roz: I love that an act of rebellion is, er, dying your hair brown.

Ailbhe: No, it wasn’t rebelling, she was settling down. Becoming a *woman*. Which is actually a kind of weird thing for a 16-year-old to do.

Roz: Was she “blossoming”? Ew, they always do that in coming-of-age teen films.

Tabatha: There was a lacrosse scene in this.

Ailbhe: YES! And the mean girl loved shooting pheasants. What a specific thing to like.

Roz: Classic mean girl.

19. The Girl Next Door (2004)

20th Century Fox /

Roz: Every boy in school was in love with the girl in this. What's her name. Elisha Cuthbert?

Tabatha: She played a porn star who lived next door to a nerd. Did they end up together?

Roz: No, they don’t end up together. The ending was so lame: “Hey, let’s make a porn film about…SAFE SEX.”

Tabatha: But I remember really respecting that at the time. I didn’t think it was lame at all.

Roz: I can respect that.

Tabatha: Thanks.

18. Crossroads (2002)

Paramount Pictures /

Tabatha: This was an absolute flop but I loved it.

Roz: BRITNEY FOREVER. I remember the cool karaoke scene. They bury a box in a field? A box of memories and crap.

Ailbhe: The cool girl in my class saw this three times and made us call her Britney.

Tabatha: I just remember being so envious of the fact they could drive. I thought that driving would just open up a whole new world of endless possibilities.

Roz: They were cool American teens who could drive a car and bury boxes in gardens.

Tabatha: According to Wikipedia, Samantha from Sex And The City was in this?!?!

Roz: WHAT?

Tabatha: She was Britney’s mum. Just imagine.

17. New York Minute (2004)

Di Novi Pictures /

Tabatha: Words cannot express how much I love Mary-Kate and Ashley.

Ailbhe: One of them was called Roxy which was my favourite name of the '00s. There was a concert? Was that the plot?

Tabatha: No. One of them wanted to get into college and the other wanted a band to hear her mix tape so she could launch a music career.

Roz: Their films all blended into one after a while. They wore cool clothes, though.

Tabatha: I love them so much.

16. High School Musical (2006)

Disney Channel /

Ailbhe: I saw this at uni and made everyone watch the sequel. There. I’ve said it.

Tabatha: I wanted to be Sharpee.

Ailbhe: It's Sharpay. I love this film.

Roz: You are a committed fan.

Tabatha: Do you remember that really shit scene where Vanessa just walks down the stairs in school and sings a song that basically doen’t have a tune.

Roz: LOL YES! Where is she going? Is she finding herself in the hallway?

Ailbhe: I feel about this film the way you guys feel about Julia Stiles.

15. The Lizzie McGuire Movie (2003)

Walt Disney Pictures /

Ailbhe: GORDO.

Tabatha: They finally got together!

Ailbhe: It had a weirdly complicated plot. They were in Rome and there was a pop star who looked like Lizzie and hilarity ensued.

Tabatha: Yes. And Lizzie was wearing the coolest outfit on the DVD cover. It was a red top with flared jeans and a scarf belt. I remember taking that exact picture to the hairdressers and asking to have hair as lovely as hers.

Roz: Was Gordo the boy who was obsessed with Lizzie?

Ailbhe: They were BEST FRIENDS. I will not hear a word against Gordo.

Roz: Did you wish YOU were with Gordo?

Ailbhe: SHUT UP (yes).

14. John Tucker Must Die (2006)

20th Century Fox /

Roz: Guys, Ashanti was in this film. I LOVE Ashanti. She was one of the girls who was seeking revenge.

Tabatha: OMG yes. Also the gardener from Desperate Housewives, Brooke from One Tree Hill and Dan from Gossip Girl.

Roz: Dan is crap.

Tabatha: Ashanti wore really cool head scarves in this film. I went to Claire’s after it came out and bought myself one.

13. Just My Luck (2006)

20th Century Fox /

Tabatha: I honestly think this is my favourite film of all time.

Ailbhe: Tabatha.

Tabatha: Sorry but Lindsay Lohan and Chris Pine SWAP LUCK WHENEVER THEY KISS. Sometimes, I imagine what life would be like if it were true IRL and kissing someone made you switch luck. I wish it did.

Roz: What with McFly being in this and swapping-luck-when-they-kiss, I’m kinda glad I haven’t seen this.

Tabatha: That’s a very silly thing to say, Roz. It’s a genuine life changer.

Ailbhe Let’s move on.

12. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (2005)

Alon Entertainment /

Ailbhe: I just don’t understand these jeans. Like, are they magic? That is my consistent beef with this film. WHERE ARE THESE JEANS FROM?

Tabatha: A charity shop, duh.

Ailbhe: Why did they not buy multiple pairs?

Tabatha: Because they came from a charity shop. Guys, there is a character called Tabitha in this.

Roz: Is she just like you in it?

Tabatha: No, I identify more with Carmen. But I wanted to be Bridget. That scene where she unties her hair and then pours a bottle of water over herself to seduce the football coach made me fully fall in love with her. I spent a good two years of my life trying to look just like her. Turns out, that's not an achievable goal.

11. Bring It On (2000)

Universal Pictures /

Ailbhe: I tried Big Red chewing gum after this film and it wasn't very nice.

Roz: The scene where the rival group of cheerleaders stand in front of Kirsten Dunst and her team, and do the exact same moves to prove that they stole their dance? You can sense the audience is all thinking, "You got TOLD."

Tabatha: This film convinced me that if I just moved to America and became a cheerleader, I would be truly happy.

Ailbhe: I remember thinking, "If I could just do a cartwheel I will meet a boy like Cliff". Cliff though. Awful name.

Roz: It had that other girl from Buffy. What’s her name?

Ailbhe: Eliza Dushku?

Roz: That’s the one. She was cool in this.

Ailbhe: What a compliment. Cliff would give that compliment. "You were cool in this."

10. A Cinderella Story (2004)

Warner Bros. /

Tabatha: Hilary Duff and Chad Michael Murray!

Ailbhe: She wears very cool pink Converse.

Roz: They make characters “quirky” by putting them in Converse.

Tabatha: This film had a weird subplot where her stepsisters were advanced synchronised swimmers.

Ailbhe: THERE WAS A COMPUTER LOVE ELEMENT! They instant messaged! Her screen name was Cinderella!

Tabatha: And his was Nomad! Hang on, there is another weird subplot in this where their town is in the middle of a severe drought.

Ailbhe: What made them think, "This film needs more… drought."

Tabatha: Maybe they thought, "This film needs less… water."

Roz: “Kids these days, they care about droughts, right?”

Ailbhe: “Converse and droughts!”

9. Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging (2008)

Paramount Pictures /

Tabatha: Because of this film I have gone as a stuffed olive to SO MANY fancy dress parties.

Ailbhe: I like how everyone in this film wasn’t stunning. All the boys just looked like normal boys.

Tabatha: And they were also actual teenagers. Not 25-year-olds playing teenagers.

Roz: Yeah, they all seemed like "normal" teens.

Ailbhe: Dave the Laugh, I love you.

Tabatha: What about Robbie the Sex God?

Ailbhe: He’s no Dave the Laugh.

8. The Princess Diaries (2001)

Buena Vista Pictures /

Tabatha: The makeover scene in this was incredible. Mindblowingly good.

Ailbhe: Can you remember her full name? I can.

Roz: Prove it.

Ailbhe: Princess Amelia Mignonette Sometthiiinnngggggggg Renaldi Thermopolis.

Tabatha: My favourite bit is when she decides she will rule Genovia and then she delivers a very passionate speech in very wet clothing at a formal ball.

Ailbhe: The mean girl is Mandy Moore in this!

Roz: Post-"Candy" Mandy.

Tabatha: I HAVE A VERY GOOD FACT. Fat Louie, the cat, was Anne Hathaway’s real cat.

Ailbhe: Great fact.

7. Freaky Friday (2003)

Walt Disney Pictures /

Tabatha: This was LiLo at her best.

Ailbhe: I remember thinking her outfits were the perfect mix of alternative and cute.

Tabatha: She had fantastic chunky highlights.

Roz: Let’s all take a moment to Google Image search Chad Michael Murray.

Ailbhe: Urgh, he has a gross beard in the sixth image.

Tabatha: Sorry but I secretly fancy that beard.

Roz: Same.

Ailbhe: Nope.

Tabatha Do you remember the bit where she got Jamie Lee Curtis’ credit card and gave her mum a really cool makeover? That was my absolute dream. To make my mum look as cool as Jamie Lee Curtis in this film.

Ailbhe: Your poor mum.

An aside: This is the sixth image of Chad Michael Murray.

6. Step Up (2006)

Buena Vista Pictures /

Tabatha: Oh, this is the film where they blend ballet and street dance.

Roz: Channing again. The soundtrack to this was also rather good.

Ailbhe: There’s a scene where they dance on the beach? Or is that Step Up 4: Miami Heat?

Tabatha: Ailbhe!

Ailbhe: I love the Step Up franchise! Ranked: Step Up 2: The Streets, Step Up, Step Up 4: Miami Heat, Step Up 3D.

Roz: Wait, Step Up 4: Miami Heat wasn’t a joke?!

5. A Walk to Remember (2002)

Warner Bros. /


Roz: :(:(:(:(:( so sad. Mandy Moore appreciation.

Tabatha: The bit where he meets her dad at the end and he's upset because she never got to witness a miracle. And then the dad goes, “She did. That miracle was you.” MY GOD. I’m almost crying as I type this.

Roz: The boy builds her a telescope.

Ailbhe: What an odd gift. “You are unwell so here is a piece of scientific hardware, feel better.”

Roz: “All I ever wanted in life was a, er, telescope.”

Tabatha: STOP MOCKING THIS. IT WAS VERY VERY TOUCHING. Also, Mandy Moore wore dungarees in this film and Christ, she looked cool.

4. Save the Last Dance (2001)

Paramount Pictures /

Roz: There are a million and one things I could say about how much I love this film. The soundtrack is perfect, the dance routine at the end is mindblowing, Sean Patrick Thomas is great, and then there is JULIA STILES.


Roz: Yaaaaaaas.

Ailbhe Hang on, guess how old SPT is now?! 43?!


Roz: WHAT?

Roz: Guess who his sister is in the film? Kerry Washington! Pre-Scandal. She makes Julia look cool by giving her hoop earrings and a bandana in the car before they enter the cub. She also teaches Julia to say the word “slamming”.

3. 13 Going On 30 (2004)

Columbia Pictures /

Ailbhe: This is great! The "Thriller" dance! Her flat! MARK RUFFALO!

Roz: Her apartment is so cool. Her clothes are too.

Tabatha: I hope that one day someone will love me enough to make me a doll's house as intricate as the one young Mark Ruffalo makes young Jennifer Garner.

Ailbhe: I loved the end photo shoot they did, it looked so Teen Vogue.

Roz: They learnt that fashion can be “heartwarming” and “about love.”

Tabatha: When she presented the storyboard she attached real balloons to it to show that she could think outside the box. So aspirational.

Roz: Her best friend in it is the actress who plays everyone's best friend in '00s teen films.

2. Get Over It (2001)

Ignite Entertainment /

Roz: The song at the start! It is perfect. The “Stop, stop! Cuz I reallyy love youu, stop, stop! I’ve been thinking of youuuuu” song.

AIlbhe: I love this film. The guy’s parents were sexperts with a TV show! And Sisqo was in it. AND Mila Kunis.

Tabatha: Also Colin Hanks, son of Tom Hanks.

Roz: They put on the play at the end. A Midsummer Night's Dream, I think.

Tabatha: Yes. And then as they say their lines they realise that they're not acting and all the feelings they are expressing are true.

Ailbhe: Little Steve the fairy! "SIT DOWN, LITTLE STEVE!" There was a guy at uni with me who looked like Little Steve and I used to say, "SIT DOWN, LITTLE STEVE!" in my head whenever I saw him.

1. Mean Girls (2004)


Tabatha: Incredible.

Roz: Hands down, this is the best teen film ever. Every sentence of this film has been uttered by young people across the world. Tina Fey is Q.U.E.E.N.

Ailbhe: I feel like GIFs have spoiled it for me for a while though. :(

Roz: I love Rachel McAdams in this. She is brilliant. The scene where Amy Poehler plays the “cool” mum, not the “regular” mum is genius.

Tabatha: Also, the scene where Lindsay Lohan turns into a mean girl and is wearing a half-black, half-pink dress… I wanted to be her. In that dress.

Roz: Agreed.

Ailbhe: I remember thinking that Mathletics could be fun. It just looked interesting.

Roz: I can do the Mathletes rap when I’m drunk, I think.