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21 Reasons This Was The Greatest Black History Month Ever

It was lit, fam.

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8. When 106-year-old Virginia McLaurin danced with the Obamas.

Facebook: video.php

9. And President Obama had a picture-perfect moment with this little black boy.

Every child, no matter who they are, should have the opportunity to achieve their dreams. #BlackHistoryMonth


16. When Black Twitter gave us hashtags like #TrapCover...

Hello - Adele (#TrapCover) ft. @TheePharoah


17. And #RapSquatHistoryWeek.

19. When Ryan Coogler and Ava DuVernay threw a #JusticeForFlint event the same day as the Oscars and raised over $100K for the city.

There's the #Oscars, and then there's this event that matters: #JusticeForFlint stream 5p ET

21. And finally, when we were blessed with “Ultralight Beam.”