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    21 Bumper Stickers I'd Like To Rip Off Of Cars And Hang In The Louvre Instead

    Oh, to be stuck in traffic behind a "Butt Snorkeler" bumper sticker...

    1. This bumper sticker that absolutely radiates chaos:

    Losing my mind at this bumper sticker I just saw

    Twitter: @MittieArt

    2. This nice ✨cultural commentary✨:

    Since it's small, it says: "SUPPORT BACTERIA. It's the only culture some people have."

    3. This poor, unfortunate Kia Soul:

    4. This sticker belonging to a proud parent of a cat with declining health!

    5. Butt Snorkeler™:

    6. This bumper sticker that hits a little hard for parents, especially those who drive minivans:

    7. This apologetic one:

    8. This one for those who still long for the heyday of Haylor™:

    TikTok / @habib.crafts

    9. This homage to a marathon, of sorts:

    10. This sticker that advocates for the lives of those on board who may not be babies!!!

    11. This humbling reminder!!!!!!!

    12. This sticker for all the gamers out there:

    13. This one that really makes you think:

    14. This kind of anti–bumper sticker bumper sticker:

    15. This brutally honest one:

    16. This nod to dear ol' Robert Pattinson:

    TikTok / @habib.crafts

    17. This bumper sticker perfect for any and all Saturn drivers:

    18. This Mazda Tribute sticker:

    19. This bumper sticker that stuck — pun intended — up for women in the workplace!!!!!!!!!!

    20. This bumper sticker for crisis havers everywhere!

    I am loving the new sticker on my car hehe

    Twitter: @is0lati0nn

    21. And lastly, this BUMPER STICKER that made its POINT!