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    This Guy On TikTok Is Sharing Cute And COVID-Safe Date Ideas, And They're Perfect For Valentine's, Galentine's, Palentine's, Or Any Day, Actually

    Whether you're taken or single, these "dates" are something fun to do!!!

    Looking for a cute COVID-friendly Valentine's Day date idea? Well, lucky for you, TikTok user @jordan.dumb has some great suggestions!!!

    He has a whole series that he calls "Date Ideas in 15 Seconds," and they're super cyoooooot, perfect for staying in, and there's something for everybody!!!

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    For the foodies:

    jordan.dumb /,

    Date idea: "Get a book. Make it your passport book. Pick a day of the week — say, Tuesday. Call it 'Travel Tuesdays.' Have a different country's cuisine every Tuesday and stamp it off in your passport book."

    For the booze lovers:

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    Date idea: "Take every type of drink out of your fridge. You and your partner are going to create custom mock or cocktails with these drinks. Name your custom drink after an inside joke or a memory, and whoever has the better-tasting drink will pick the movie you guys watch."

    For the nostalgic '90s and early-'00s kids:

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    Date idea: "You and your partner are going to buy the childhood snacks you weren't allowed to have as kids. You're going to eat these childhood snacks while enjoying a bottle of wine and watching Vine compilation clips on YouTube."

    And even for the Zillow enthusiasts:

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    Date idea: "You and your partner are going to go on You're each going to pick a random city and then you're each going to pick several houses in that city. You will then Shark Tank pitch each other why you think the houses you chose are better than your partner's."

    Definitely try these out this Valentine's Day, or any regular ol' day for that matter! And if you don't have a ✨love interest✨, do these with your friend, roommate, etc.!!!!!!!! There are no rules!!!

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    And be sure to follow Jordan on TikTok for more "Date Ideas in 15 Seconds"!!!

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