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    I'm High-Key Obsessed With Charcuterie Boards, So I Asked An Expert How To Make A *Chef's Kiss* One

    Colors, and layers, and cheese...oh my!

    If you're like me and kind of ~obsessed~ with charcuterie boards, then you've prob spent hours scrolling through Instagram looking at droolworthy pics of gorgeous ones like this:

    I've always admired people who have the talent to put a *chef's kiss* charcuterie board together, so I reached out to Lauren Delp of Los Angeles–based Silverlake Socialite — whose boards I've been admiring for some time now — to get a few tips on how to create a stunning board. (And in case you're wondering, YES, this is acting icon Sarah Paulson with one of their lovely boards!)

    And with that, here are Delp's top tips and tricks for making a STUNNING charcuterie board:

    1. "First, start with a variety of cheeses including a combination of cow’s milk cheeses (e.g., aged cheddar/gouda) + sheep/goat’s milk cheeses (e.g., manchego/midnight moon) and a selection of cured meats."

    2. "It's all about including plenty of complementary and contrasting flavors."

    3. "Color is everything!"

    4. "Don’t be afraid to layer ingredients as this creates texture and dimension."

    5. "Get creative with ingredients you love."

    6. "Slice the same ingredient in two different ways, and you have a totally different aesthetic!"

    7. "A pear sliced horizontally, the deconstructed pear as I've coined it, adds a modern twist to the board and pairs nicely with many cheeses."

    8. "Include a few different types of crackers for variety of flavor."

    9. "Garnishes go a long way."

    10. Finally, "Finishing your charcuterie board with a wedge of honeycomb will certainly up the ante."

    And in case you're wondering, Delp hopes to continue to expand her business in the future. "I have a dream of opening a quaint little shop in Silverlake where customers can walk in and order custom charcuterie boards, pick up premade boxes or purchase fresh flowers and artisan goods."

    Me: ready to eat a charcuterie board after reading this all!