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Why Blonde Hair May Be "Cheugy" Now, And Some Hair Trends You Can Expect To See In 2022 (According To TikTok)

Where do YOU stand on the blonde cheugy discourse?

Recently, i-D put out an article titled, "Is blonde hair...cheugy?" and set the internet ABLAZE!!!!!!!!!!!

i-D presented us with this editorial hot take after several viral TikToks claimed the popular hair color was on the outs.

And while this may or may not be true, *cue Carrie Bradshaw voiceover* I couldn't help but wonder...why is blonde hair being considered cheugy?! What caused this sudden societal shift?!! And where do all the blondes go from here?!?!?!?!

Luckily, the TikTok account The Digital Fairy or @thedigifairy — which makes lots of trend forecasting and social commentary videos — weighed in on the conversation. And ya know what? Points were, in fact, made.

First, in both the i-D article and The Digital Fairy's TikTok, they noted how lots of classic blonde It Girls™ — namely Gigi Hadid and Hailey Bieber — have seemed to opt for darker locks in recent months.

The Digital Fairy commented that some people are referring to this specific light shade of brown as "expensive brunette," but noted the double standard of the term.

Besides having the anti-blonde initiative spearheaded by celebs, The Digital Fairy hypothesized that all the "pandemic-era quarantine hack jobs that involved a lot of bleach" may have played a role in the trend toward dark.

The Digital Fairy also brought up that being blonde often comes with a hefty price tag and that they see "recession roots" coming back into style in 2022.

i-D pointed out that moving away from blonde might also be a trend toward "more diverse beauty ideals."

Gen Z's interest in sustainability — think eco-conscious beauty products as well as hair health — may be a contributing factor.

Still, blonde will never completely go away, but will just take on slightly new shades and — according to Carla Salceda, the color director at Sassoon Academy — even shapes.

Unsurprisingly, The Digital Fairy's comment section was split between blonde stans and brunette truthers.

While I'm sure there will always be dye-hard blondes, I just find trends and where they come from so interesting. So for the sake of discourse, where do ✨YOU✨ stand on this topic???