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42 Oddly Specific Things That I, Personally, Believe To Be Cheugy

These all have the same energy and you cannot tell me otherwise.

So the word "cheugy" (pronounced like "chew-gee") — a term used to describe something that's "out of date" or "clearly trying too hard" — has been popping up EVERYWHERE.


Don’t talk to me until I’ve had my morning cheugy! Haha lol 📸REX/Reuters/Getty #cheugy #girlboss #friends #cheugytok #hashtagsarecheugytoo 💕🍷💋😍

♬ original sound - Guardian Australia

(It's mainly used by Gen Z'ers to chirp at millennials.)

Being an opinionated "zillennial," I obviously felt the need to write up a ✨comprehensive list✨ of all things I consider cheugy.

With that being said, here is a list of oddly specific things that radiate Cheug™ to me. Enjoy!!!!!!!

1. Golden Retrievers

2. Lean Cuisines

3. Elementary school teachers

4. Having IBS

5. Flirting using GIFs

6. Rooster-themed kitchens

7. Valentine's Day

8. Naming your pet "Luna" or "Nova"

9. The musical Wicked

10. Harry Potter tattoos

11. Being conventionally hot

12. Dog toys that look like alcoholic beverages

13. Jade rollers

14. Santacon

15. Cronuts (and any other sort of hybrid food)

16. Pop Sockets

17. The state of Virginia

18. The Office merch

19. Crusty white dogs

20. Graduating college in 2015

21. Camila Cabello

22. Herbal Essences products

23. Gender reveal parties

24. Crockpots

25. Saying "smol bean"

26. The city of Nashville

27. Naming your dildo

28. Rainforest Cafes

29. Pentatonix

30. The color heather gray

31. Chris Pratt

32. Improv troupes

33. The month of October

34. Guys named Matt

my friend: so the new person you’re dating is another white guy named matt whose parents pay his rent? me: yeah, but like, there’s something different about this one. narrator: there was in fact not anything different about this one.

Twitter: @danadonly

Sorry not sorry, Matts!

35. Acai bowls

36. Any heavily filtered art print of the Eiffel Tower

37. "Men's" hygiene products

i need a tactical grip on my man soap so i won't drop and shatter my fragile masculinity

Twitter: @milkand__

All gendered products, really, but especially this bar of Dial soap for MEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *twitch twitch*

38. The Fourth of July

39. Listening to NPR podcasts

40. Pictures of roads in the fall

41. Adding people on Facebook

42. And lastly, dolphins

What do ✨YOU✨ personally find cheugy? Tell me in the comments below!!!!!!!!!!