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    It's Time We Talked About Bicycle Seat Face

    *dings bicycle bell on my way to see your man*

    As the last several months have proven, Pete Davidson is able to land himself some pretty attractive women.

    At first, leading scientists in the field of human attraction claimed that this was due to Davidson's high levels of BDE, aka Big Dick Energy™.

    But I'm here today to argue that while Davidson's BDE was definitely a factor in his ability to seduce mega-mamas Ariana Grande and Kate Beckinsale, it was his serious case of Bicycle Seat Face that truly won them over.

    So what IS Bicycle Seat Face exactly?!

    Exhibit A:

    Exhibit B:

    Can you use "Bicycle Seat Face" in a sentence?

    Imagine if I was buff and had a bicycle seat face.... the amount of followers I would have...

    people always say grayson face looks like a bicycle seat, no wonder i wanna sit on it.

    Besides Davidson, some other notable Bicycle Seat Facers include Timothée Chalamet:

    Rami Malek:

    And the Dolan twins:

    While some ~youths~ prefer using "Bicycle Seat Face" and other variants such as "Bicycle Seat-Looking Headass" as insults, I like to think they're just jealous that their jawlines aren't as intricately concaved.

    So come on, guys. It's 2019!!! It's time we publicly acknowledge Bicycle Seat Faces for what they truly are: HOT.

    *pedals off passionately*