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18 Reactions To Pete Davidson And Kate Beckinsale Making Out That'll Make You LOL

What an interesting pop culture moment.

At last night's Rangers game, rumored couple Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale were full-on making out. It's obviously already a memeable moment.

Here are some of the best reactions:


Expectation: Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale. Reality: Antoni.


Will Kate Beckinsale and Pete Davidson last? Here's what their astrology reveals. https://t.co/e0Zl6HEMy6


Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale seem like huge NHL fans based on this pic from last night's Rangers game.


Antoni is us watching our friends crawl back to the same losers


Antoni being highly uncomfortable by Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale is a legitimate mood


When mom tells you it’s just for the avocado money


You're telling me that Pete Davidson (25) is going out with Kate Beckinsale (45), but I (24) can't successfully find myself a Victorian ghost husband (182)???? What's the deal???


News: Pete Davidson spotted making out with Kate Beckinsale at a hockey game Me:


Pete Davidson is me. Kate Beckinsale is a jawn. Antoni is my bank account.


This Pete Davidson/Kate Beckinsale making out at a hockey has done a few things to me such as: -Made my eyes vomit -Made my brain leak out of my nose -Put my body into shutdown mode. These are all better than watching that clip.


Pete Davidson is an inspiration to 25 year old slackers everywhere. YOU TOO, can maybe one day make out with Kate Beckinsale at a hockey game before inevitably coming home to you playing video games on the couch while stoned for the 250th time and realizes the error of her ways.



Embarrassing things Kate Beckinstale has been in: - Pearl Harbor - Underworld - Pete Davidson’s mouth


When you want to make the perfect grapefruit and avocado salad but the avocado isn’t ripe enough



Pete Davidson has been engaged to Ariana Grande and is now dating Kate Beckinsale. Can you PLEASE tell us your pickup lines? You are obviously a wizard.


antoni 100% thinking' bout avocados


Pete Davidson’s dick really is that big, huh?