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Dogs: The loyal pet

So many households have a dog for a pet. Dogs are known to provide absolute companionship. There are so many breeds of dog, and different people have varying preferences on the breed they want to keep.

StephN 6 years ago

14 Reasons Why Dogs Are Awesome

Many people label dogs as "man's best friend" but the truth is that they are so much more than that. Here are just 14 reasons why dogs are awesome!

StephN 6 years ago

10 Famous Dogs We All Love

Dogs have a way of making us love them. Who can resist those adorable eyes and furry paws? Most of us have had a furry best friend, and for some reason, famous dogs capture our hearts. For decades, dogs have been featured in movies, comic strips, advertisements and entertainment. Some dogs have become famous through the Internet and some are renowned for amazing feats and heroic actions. It’s no wonder dogs have become known as “man’s best friend.” No matter what we go through or what happens, our dogs are always there for us, ready to give a friendly tail wag or lick. Here are 10 famous dogs we all know and love. Some are real and some are fictional characters. But, either way, we can’t help but love them.

StephN 6 years ago

What Life Would Be Like... If Guinea Pigs Ran the World

For years, the cat and dog community has taken over the “living like our pets” market. There are a lot of dog diaries and lessons from cats. But, there’s been remarkably little speculation about what life would be like if we took our cue from the snugly Guinea Pig. And maybe that’s for good reason. Life as a Guinea Pig is pretty far from our understanding of modern life. Or is it?

StephN 6 years ago