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    26 Perfect Responses To Ridiculous Facebook Posts

    When you post something passive-aggressive, you might get owned. Why can't I "like" these more than once?!

    1. When Walmart needed to roll back their attitude:

    2. When a Bigfoot skeptic got owned:

    3. When the importance of sex ed became abundantly clear:

    4. When this all-organic basket had a delicious flaw:

    5. When a Ph.D. in BS chimed in:

    6. When this "Magic Judge" updated his profile photo:

    7. When this dad reminded his son where he came from:

    8. And when Akon met one of his fans:

    9. When a spokesman for the grammar devil showed up:

    10. When this grammatically correct gyno stepped in:

    11. Oh, and when this guy forgot a very important comma:

    12. The response from this concerned fact checker:

    13. When someone "forgot" they wrote a Craigslist post:

    14. Mrs. Johanson's response:

    15. When a real "sex machine" met his mom on Facebook:

    16. When a Potterhead schooled this fool:

    17. When this deep status update actually MADE SENSE:

    18. When this muscle man showed off his silhouette:

    19. When a Nickelback fan came out of hiding:

    20. When this mom made a comment:

    21. And this mom:

    22. When Scott remembered his relationship status:

    23. When using a simile failed to earn friends:

    24. When "Phillis" wasn't such a cute nickname after all...

    25. When Michael added his own special update:

    26. And when Capri Sun replied to this frustrated customer: