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    14 Reasons Why Dogs Are Awesome

    Many people label dogs as "man's best friend" but the truth is that they are so much more than that. Here are just 14 reasons why dogs are awesome!

    The way that they greet you everytime you come home.

    They're always in the mood to cuddle.

    They'll listen to you complain about how rubbish your day was without moaning.

    They like to hang out with their owners.

    How patient they are with EVERYTHING!

    They can never hide their guilt when they’ve done something mischievous!

    They'll make it clear to others that they're the main pet in your life.

    All they require from us is our time and affection.

    ...and perhaps the occasional treat.

    They'll take a nap whenever and wherever they feel like it.

    And they'll sure let you know when they'd like to go for a walk!

    They are our best friends.

    They're our soul mates.

    And life just wouldn't be the same without them!

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