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When I Worked Customer Service Jobs, I Met Tons Of Celebrities — Here Are Some Of The Nice Ones

I served plenty of celebrities back in the day. Here's who was nice.

Hello, world. My name's Stephen LaConte. And long before I was a writer here at BuzzFeed, I spent my days working in restaurants and retail shops in the fine city of Los Angeles. That means I had plenty of celebrity encounters at work.

There's a big trend on TikTok where former customer service workers spill the tea on celebrities they've served. Well, I wanna do it, but I have no idea how to make a TikTok and I don't really want to learn. So fuck it, let's do it here on BuzzFeed.

I wanna keep this positive, so here are 13 celebrities who were actually very nice to me when I helped them:

1. Amy Adams

2. Stevie Wonder

3. Miley Cyrus

4. Bill Nye the Science Guy

5. Pharrell

6. Paris Hilton

7. Kevin McHale

8. Miranda Cosgrove

9. Like 15 kids from American Idol

10. Kate Upton

11. Fetty Wap

12. Diane Keaton

13. Ed Helms

And that's just a few of many! Maybe I'll share more at a later date. As for the celebrities who were NOT so nice... Well, I'll never name 'em on BuzzFeed; but if you ever see me out and about, feel free to ask. 😏

Have you had any pleasant encounters with a celebrity? Share your own stories in the comments, please!