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    This "SNL" Skit Brilliantly Takes Down Every Super Bowl Commercial

    What's a girl to do when she's not serving food during the big game?

    Saturday Night Live has served up this excellent take-down of every Super Bowl ad ever with this Totino's commercial spoof.

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    The sketch calls out Totino's and other brands that always show a group of men being served by women.

    "I love feeding my hungry guys!"

    NBC / Via

    Now all us ladies have something to keep us entertained in the kitchen between snacks!

    NBC / Via

    So many activities!

    NBC / Via

    We can even count own own money!

    NBC / Via

    This will keep us occupied for hours!

    NBC / Via

    So have fun gals.... as long as you still stay on top of your serving duties.

    NBC / Via

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