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    78 Thoughts We Had Watching “Priscilla” For The Very First Time

    I'm going to be a glamorous emu for Halloween this year.

    1. Where can I get that lip gloss? It is so glittery and I want to wear it every day.

    2. I can't believe I've never seen this film before now?

    3. This is not the same as the drag show I've seen multiple times at the Imperial... but I'm also not 40 drinks deep.

    4. The Impy's $3.50, four-hour happy hour was so iconic but like, I almost died.

    5. That pearl dress is everything.

    6. Looks like something Rihanna would wear to the VMAs.

    7. All that morning-after smeared make-up. Same tbh.

    8. OMG what is happening with this flawless hospital / Gaga look.

    9. I love it so much.

    10. If my funeral isn't this glamorous I will literally haunt the fuck outta the whole damn world.

    11. I want a glamorous boudoir phone like that. This dressing room is everything.

    12. This guy is the worst salesman ever.

    13. "I look like a raccoon", literally me every morning though.

    14. That was like a madman's version of a sympathetic laugh. Terrifying.

    15. Feather budget on fleek.

    16. It's so weird seeing smoking in films in 2015. It really dates the movie.

    17. I secretly love it when they say the name of the movie in the movie.

    18. I get christening things - I'm into it - but that was a perfectly good waste of champagne.

    19. I guess they spent all their budget on feathers and couldn't afford "YMCA" for the soundtrack? Or maybe this is a different Village People song that I'm unfamiliar with?

    20. Oh we're on the road. That all happened really quickly I feel like we got no back story?

    21. You know what dates a movie even more than smoking? The casual use of the word "tranny". So problematic.

    22. A+ first-aid cabinet full of liquor. I love it.

    23. This is like Spice World and Bernadette is totally the Posh Spice of the group.

    24. There are at least five murderers hiding in that desert plain just waiting for a backpacker.

    25. Priscilla meets Wolf Creek.

    26. Is that wig made out of scoobies? OMFG I love it.

    27. Also that zebra-print suitcase is amazing.

    28. Why haven't I tried the drinking clear alcohol / replacing it with water trick before?

    29. "Why don't you just light your tampon, and blow your box apart? Because it's the only bang you're ever gonna get." ICONIC.

    30. "GO HOME AIDS FUCKERS", OMG this movie just got so real so fast.

    31. Oh wait we're back on the road again. Are we gonna talk more about that last scene orrr?

    32. Not gonna lie, the silver thing on this bus looks like a huge goon sack.

    33. Omg. What is happening.

    34. Is this a molestation scene?!

    35. No. No. No. No. No.

    36. This is fuuuucked.

    37. Wait.

    38. What? OH!

    39. I don't even understand what I just watched. And now we're moving past it really quickly, again.

    40. TFW you're stuck in the desert but the camera crew is reflected in your glasses, so you're really not that alone.

    41. If Bernadette really wandered off like that in the desert she'd be dead from exposure to the elements and wild animals in like two hours, tops.

    42. Also all-white isn't the most desert-appropriate attire, let's be real. It's dusty out there.

    43. This soundtrack is full of bangers.

    44. Look. At. That. Floral. Arrangement. Headdress.

    45. Headpiece goals.

    46. I wonder if any 1D fans carry around Harry's turd with them.

    47. This movie is definitely from the '90s.

    48. So goddamn problematic at times.

    49. There's a lot of "Oh God ho don't do it" moments that I guess I wasn't expecting.

    50. So progressive in so many ways, so problematic in so many others.

    51. One day I want to be as elegant and glam as Bernadette but alas IDK if I'll ever get that far.

    52. "These days gentlemen are an endangered species". STILL TRUE TBH.

    53. Another iconic top of the bus scene.

    54. Sitting atop a giant silver heel. QUEEN.

    55. I'm surprised that MAC haven't come out with a product called "Texas Chainsaw Mascara".

    56. Or even just a Priscilla line.

    57. I'd buy everything.

    58. This movie is getting dark can we just go back to the singing and dancing?

    59. Off-topic but Australia is fucking huge.

    60. The shots of the pink bus against the red desert are super pretty.

    61. And the outfits 100% deserved the Best Costumes Oscar, yes indeed.

    62. I did not sign up for feelings and a sad movie I want OTT musical numbers.

    63. This definitely has a lot less show numbers than what I was expecting.

    64. OK this one is making up for it.

    65. OMG this emu number is literally everything it is so great.

    66. I'm being an emu for Halloween this year, it is decided.

    67. Australian animals have never been this cool.

    68. These frill-neck lizards are slaying me right now.

    69. OMG.



    72. Can I please hire this costume designer to just design my whole life?

    73. I want that daiquiri because it is HUGE and looks delicious.

    74. Aw, I love kids just seeing the world for what it is and passing no judgement.

    75. I feel like those feather headdresses would be so hot, and so heavy. You'd definitely get a headache.

    76. These bitches need to invest in some waterproof mascara instead of just complaining about raccoon eyes, honestly.

    77. People at The Imperial are hardly ever this excited about anything, they're always just too hammered.

    78. Great ending though.

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