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17 Signs You're Really Really Really Ridiculously Good Looking

You're an enigmatic art form with covetable cheekbones and clavicle that makes birds sing.

Steffie Fuller 5 years ago

19 Signs You're The Creepy Friend

Mmmm I love the smell of your musk.

Steffie Fuller 5 years ago

9 Valentine's Day Activities For The Scorned And Bitter

Roses are gross, violets are too, sugar is actually repulsive, I hate you and you and you.

Steffie Fuller 5 years ago

25 Questions You've Probably Asked Your Cat

They answer with their eyes.

Steffie Fuller 5 years ago

17 Things You Can Do To Feel Young

Follow these simple rules and you'll soon feel like your youthful, wrinkle-free former self who has yet to be hardened by the world or traumatized by twerking.

Steffie Fuller 5 years ago