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25 Questions You've Probably Asked Your Cat

They answer with their eyes.

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1. How are you so cute?

2. Why won't you stop meowing?

3. Can you please do something cool so I can make you famous?

I don't think that becoming the world's first talking, bilingual feline is too much to ask of you.

4. Why is this world so unfair?

5. What do I have to do to make you love me?

We're running out of bacon.

6. Can we switch lives?

7. What's going on in that fluffy little head of yours?

A tuna chunk for your thoughts.

8. Does destroying everything I love make you feel good?

9. Where are you hiding?

10. Why are you so obsessed with my toes?


To be fair, they're a beautiful set of feet.

11. Do you realize that I've made you everything you are?


If it wasn't for me you'd be out with the likes of those alley cats you hear every night as you sleep atop your custom-made cashmere throne.

12. Are you mad at me because of what happened at the vet today?

13. What's it like being related to Simba?


If I were you I'd be totes jealous of his fame.

14. Are you seriously going to judge me right now?


I legit just found you gorging on trash.

15. Do you ever miss your brothers and sisters?


I guess it's kind of sad that I pried you from the paws of your family.

16. What do you think of JLaw's haircut?


Mr. Whiskers is always spot on with his fashion observations.

17. Who's my special kitty?

18. Why aren't you purring?


You should really be purring.

19. What happened in here?!?

20. I'm sorry. Is that what you want me to say?


Now please stop threatening me.

21. You wouldn't eat my body if I died, would you?


Stop looking at me like I'm a delicious roast ham.

22. What do you like better: Me or food?


Don't answer that. I've witnessed the relationship you have with your beef and liver Fancy Feast.

23. You were traumatizing the neighbors again, weren't you?


There's no need to go elsewhere when there's plenty of havoc to wreak here.

24. Who would you rather have on a deserted island with you: Garfield or Hello Kitty?

25. You know you're my best buddy, right?

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