19 Signs You’re The Creepy Friend

Mmmm I love the smell of your musk.

1. 1. Everyone makes sure to laugh at your jokes, even when they’re not funny.

NBC / Via funnyordie.com

Why did the chicken cross the road? To stare at you while you sleep.

2. 2. You’re usually standing awkwardly in the background of group photos…

3. 3. …and even when you’re not, you end up looking like this.

JC Ignacio / Via Flickr

4. 4. Your friends always reject your invitations to a weekend at your parent’s cabin in the woods.

Fox Searchlight Pictures / Via wifflegif.com

C’mon guys, it’ll be fun! You bring the Monopoly, and I’ll bring my knife collection!

5. 5. No one eats the food you make.

Fox / Via giphy.com

Want some delicious brownies? I used this great new seasoning. It’s called arsenic.

6. 6. You’re the first person questioned whenever a friend mysteriously loses a lock of hair.

It’s great for a voodoo doll, in case your BFF ever steps out of line.

7. 7. You always win “Best Halloween Costume”…

Paramount Pictures / Via okmagazine.com

8. 8. …even though you didn’t dress up.

A ghoulish grin is the new black.

9. 9. Dogs growl at you for no apparent reason.

10. 10. Numerous therapists have asked to study you.

11. 11. You’re always victorious in staring contests…

12. 12….because no one likes to look you in the eyes.

Warner Bros / Via awesomenator.com

13. 13. Your friends insist they like your black cape, and matching gloves.

Lifetime / Via wifflegif.com

I have a dark-charcoal-colored one for summer.

14. 14. Everyone assumes you’re a fan of vampire fiction…

Summit Entertainment / Via twilightsaga.wikia.com

15. 15. …perhaps because of how you filed your teeth.

Dimension Films / Via pichaus.com

It’s so much easier to eat popcorn and flesh like this.

16. 16. People often jump when you’re just saying a friendly “hello.”

NBC / Via ellentv.com

Oh, sorry, I should turn the light on and stop pointing this flashlight at my face. And put some clothes on.

17. 17. Your conversation topics often leave people bewildered.

NBC / Via uproxx.com

18. 18. You’re always lurking in the corner at parties…

19. 19. …probably because you prefer the company of cats.

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