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    10 Things To Know About "Bachelorette"

    No, not the TV show - the new movie starring Lizzy Caplan, Kirsten Dunst, Isla Fisher and Rebel Wilson. (The movie opens nationwide on Friday, September 07.)

    1. This is not "Bridesmaids"

    Just ignore any preconceived notions you may have about the other wedding-centric movie that also featured Rebel Wilson. This movie is darker and quicker with the plot focused on one night of misadventures. It's more relatable in pace and style to Carnage and Young Adult, both of which focus on flawed women.

    2. It's based on a play by Leslye Headland

    Leslye originally wrote the story as a serious script but eventually embraced dark comedy as she moved it towards an Off-Broadway run. The play is also part of a larger project, Seven Deadly Plays, with Bachelorette channeling gluttony.

    3. The characters are flawed but not unlikable

    The three main characters are a jealous type-A Maid of Honor trying to pull off the prefect wedding (Dunst), an intellectually shallow retail salesgirl with surprising emotional depth (Fisher), and a sexually promiscuous hipster who happens to be a hopeless romantic (Caplan). Each character grows in their own way due to the events of the night before their friend's (Wilson) wedding.

    4. Isla Fisher is 'laugh out loud' funny

    Sacha Baron Cohen's wife is dynamite as Katie, a struggling retail store clerk who can't control her drug or alcohol use. Fisher hasn't been this funny since she first made headlines in Wedding Crashers as Gloria, an emotionally unstable nymphomaniac.

    5. Rebel Wilson plays the straight man

    Unlike her brief appearance in Bridesmaids, Rebel is far more restrained in her role as Becky, which is a surprisingly nice turn for the actress. A butt of many jokes throughout most of the film, Becky does gets to unleash her fury near the end.

    6. The men take a backseat

    The "major" male roles are played by Kyle Bornheimer (Worst Week), James Marsden (Straw Dogs, X-Men), Andrew Rannells (Girls, The New Normal) and Adam Scott (Parks & Recreation) but they play second-fiddle to the women. However, the men make most of their screen time, especially James and Adam.

    7. Speaking of Adam Scott...

    It's fantastic to see Party Down co-stars, Adam and Lizzy, reunite on the big screen. Their chemistry is spot on in a surprisingly heartfelt subplot that brings some warmth to the movie.

    8. Be on the look out for Horatio Sanz

    The SNL alum (who keeps shedding the weight) makes a short appearance as Lizzy's flying companion. While his part is small, the scene is hilarious.

    9. The show's humor may make you feel bad

    The best and worst part of the film is the humor. The moments that make you laugh out loud are also the same ones that make you squirm - if only because you relate to it somehow. (Imagine what would happen if you reunited with your high school best friends for fueled night.)

    10. You don't have to go to theaters to watch this film

    If you aren't up for a trip to the multiplex, watch it On Demand or rent it on iTunes. When the film debuted online, it grossed $500,000 in its "opening" weekend - the same amount as Moonrise Kingdom. It's also the first pre-theatrical release to top iTunes.

    Not convinced? Watch the red band trailer below

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