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This Theory On Pixar Movies Will Blow Your Mind

Jon Negroni recently developed "The Pixar Theory," and it will make your jaw drop.

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The timeline begins with Brave, set in the Dark Ages. It explains why animals can have human characteristics. / Via Walt Disney Studios

In the movie, Merida discovers magic and accidentally turns her mother into a bear. Other inanimate objects come to life, too.


The Incredibles' Syndrome uses this technology in attempts to create a genocide. / Via Walt Disney Studios

"Syndrome creates the 'killbot' that learns the moves of every super-human." But this killbot turns on him, suggesting that machines and inanimate objects are trying to get rid of their biggest threat, aka humans.

This also affects the plot of Toy Story 3.


In the meantime, a new super species is born. / Via Walt Disney Studios

"The monsters' civilization is actually Earth in the incredibly distant future... It’s possible that the monsters are simply the personified animals mutated after the diseased earth was radiated for 800 years."

The monsters have an energy crisis, which is supplied by the humans... by way of time travel. / Via Walt Disney Studios

Each door is a time machine, and it's the only way they come into contact with humans. That's also how the monsters harvest energy.