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    9 Actors Who Actually Have More Oscar Nominations Than Leo DiCaprio

    Congrats on your fifth acting Oscar nod today, Leo!

    Leo DiCaprio was just nominated for his fifth acting Academy Award, this time for Best Actor in The Revenant.

    And let's be honest... the internet REALLY wants him to win.

    They just...

    ...are tired...

    ...of seeing...

    ...him lose.

    People always rally in support of Leo, which is awesome, but let's not forget about the actors who have just as many (or even MORE) nominations, without ever winning.

    Amy Adams, five nominations:

    American Hustle, 2014 β€” Best Actress

    The Master, 2013 β€” Best Supporting Actress

    The Fighter, 2011 β€” Best Supporting Actress

    Doubt, 2009 β€” Best Supporting Actress

    Junebug, 2006 β€” Best Supporting Actress

    Glenn Close, six nominations:

    Albert Nobbs, 2012 β€” Best Actress

    Dangerous Liaisons, 1989 β€” Best Actress

    Fatal Attraction, 1988 β€” Best Actress

    The Natural, 1985 β€” Best Supporting Actress

    The Big Chill, 1984 β€” Best Supporting Actress

    The World According to Garp, 1983 – Best Supporting Actress

    Richard Burton, seven nominations:

    Equus, 1978 β€” Best Actor

    Anne of the Thousand Days, 1970 β€” Best Actor

    Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, 1967 β€” Best Actor

    The Spy Who Came in from the Cold, 1966 β€” Best Actor

    Becket, 1965 β€” Best Actor

    The Robe, 1954 β€” Best Actor

    My Cousin Rachel, 1953 β€” Best Actor

    Thelma Ritter, six nominations:

    Birdman of Alcatraz, 1963 β€” Best Supporting Actress

    Pillow Talk, 1960 β€” Best Supporting Actress

    Pickup on South Street, 1954 β€” Best Supporting Actress

    With a Song in My Heart, 1953 β€” Best Supporting Actress

    The Mating Season, 1952 β€” Best Supporting Actress

    All About Eve, 1951 β€” Best Supporting Actress

    Albert Finney, five nominations:

    Erin Brockovich, 2001 β€” Best Supporting Actor

    Under the Volcano, 1985 β€” Best Actor

    The Dresser, 1984 β€” Best Actor

    Murder on the Orient Express, 1975 β€” Best Actor

    Tom Jones, 1964 β€” Best Actor

    Arthur Kennedy, five nominations:

    Some Came Running, 1959 β€” Best Supporting Actor

    Peyton Place, 1958 β€” Best Supporting Actor

    Trial, 1956 β€” Best Supporting Actor

    Bright Victory, 1952 β€” Best Actor

    Champion, 1950 β€” Best Supporting Actor

    Deborah Kerr, six nominations (and one Honorary Oscar):

    Honorary Oscar, 1994

    The Sundowners, 1961 β€” Best Actress

    Separate Tables, 1959 β€” Best Actress

    Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison, 1958 β€” Best Actress

    The King and I, 1957 β€” Best Actress

    From Here to Eternity, 1954 β€” Best Actress

    Edward, My Son, 1950 β€” Best Actress

    Irene Dunn, five nominations:

    I Remember Mama, 1949 β€” Best Actress

    Love Affair, 1940 β€” Best Actress

    The Awful Truth, 1938 β€” Best Actress

    Theodora Goes Wild, 1937 β€” Best Actress

    Cimarron, 1931 β€” Best Actress

    And Peter O’toole, eight nominations (and one Honorary Oscar):

    Venus, 2007 β€” Best Actor

    Honorary Oscar, 2003

    My Favorite Year, 1983 β€” Best Actor

    The Stunt Man, 1981 β€” Best Actor

    The Ruling Class, 1973 β€” Best Actor

    Goodbye, Mr. Chips, 1970 β€” Best Actor

    The Lion in Winter, 1969 β€” Best Actor

    Becket, 1965 β€” Best Actor

    Lawrence of Arabia, 1963 β€” Best Actor

    Best of luck this year, Leo. We love you.