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26 Infomercial Fails Guaranteed To Make You Laugh Every Time

*Tries slicing bread with a block of wood*

We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to send us their favorite infomercial fails. Here are the hilarious results.

1. This woman who forgot how to grab things.

2. This person who tried cutting bread with a block of wood.

3. This lady who will never forgive herself.

4. This guy who forgot how to use Q-tips.

WaxVac /

5. This lady who has no idea how to hold spices.

6. The most unfortunate plunger experience in the history of plunging.

Power Plunger /

7. This woman who has fallen and can't get up.

8. This guy who doesn't know how to sit down.

9. This golf club you're supposed to pee in.

10. *gives up*

11. This dusting amateur.

Tristar Products Inc.

12. In all fairness, plastic wrap is the worst, so this lady is fine.

Wraptastic /


13. The most unnecessary fall of all time.

14. This baking disaster.

–Samantha Racynzski, Facebook

15. This woman who clearly needs a bib.

–Andrew Ziegler, Facebook

16. This guy who should just pay someone else to wash his car.

17. This man who needs to look where he's going.

18. This woman who forgot how to eat a taco.

19. Whatever the heck is happening here.

Spill Daddy /


20. This kid who's acting like a freaking caveman.

–Rebecca Jonston, Facebook

21. This woman who can't file her toenails.

22. This closet that forgot how to closet.

23. This woman who needs a new kitchen AND car window.

24. This guy who will never eat another salad again.

–Megan Holifield, Facebook

25. This lady who should just give up.

26. And this woman who's probably dead.

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