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    37 Underrated "The Office" Moments That'll Make You Laugh Even If You've Seen The Show 23 Times

    "Webster's dictionary defines 'wedding' as the fusing of two metals with a hot torch." —Michael Scott's toast to Phyllis

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their favorite underrated moments from The Office. Here are the hilarious results.

    1. When Michael puked after loading up on carbs for the 5k fun-run.

    2. When Angela was the ultimate saboteur.

    3. When Kevin set Michael up with is friend, Wendy. I mean Wendy's.

    4. When Michael gave a toast at Phyllis' wedding.

    5. When Angela spoke her truth during the "Dinner Party" episode.

    6. When everyone tried to guess Pam's weight.

    7. When Michael ate the thrown-out tiramisu while on a phone call with David Wallace.

    8. When Kelly had an emergency.

    9. When Holly revealed that she wasn't wearing an engagement ring, but Kevin thought she was flipping him off.

    10. When Oscar tried to relay a message from corporate, but everyone was playing Murder, and Michael insisted that he speak in a Southern accent.

    11. When Dwight couldn't remember what Jim and Pam named their daughter.

    12. When Michael blamed Darryl for the "Golden Ticket" fiasco, but Darryl wasn't having any of it.

    13. When everyone secretly swapped out Creed's apple for a potato, and he didn't even notice the difference.

    14. When Phyllis won an interesting Dundie Award.

    15. When Ryan put zero effort into his party planning.

    16. When Michael tried to impress the mob.

    17. When Creed used the printer ink to dye his hair black.

    18. When Jan said "the way you dress reflects who you aspire to be," so Angela took it seriously.

    19. When Michael tried looking for a new job online.

    20. When Creed opened up about his secret past.

    21. When Dwight and Jim decorated the conference room for Kelly's birthday.

    22. When Michael thought he was the victim of a hate crime.

    23. When Holly helped Kevin count money for the vending machine.

    24. When Jim was forced to tell Charles Miner about his idea for the Party Planning Committee.

    25. When Kelly was a diabolical genius.

    26. When Pam was the only one who dressed up for Halloween in New York.

    27. When Dwight visited Meredith in the hospital.

    28. When Andy threw up in Gabe's bed and covered it up with a pillow.

    29. When Phyllis tried to set Michael up on a date with a friend.

    30. When Creed revealed that he was collecting chairs.

    31. When Pam realized she was breastfeeding the wrong baby in the hospital.

    32. When Michael was just poopin'.

    33. When Phyllis watched Glee for the first time.

    34. When Toby put his hand on Pam's knee and realized there was only one way out of the situation.

    35. When Michael set up his online dating profile.

    36. When Creed was the manager and threw his car keys into the empty parking lot while saying, "Keep it running."

    37. And when Andy complimented Michael's spot-on Elvis impression.