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47 Halloween Costume Ideas That Are Actually Good

I promise you'll find your next Halloween costume here.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to show us the best Halloween costumes they've ever worn. Here are the genius ideas you'll probably want to copy.

Depending on your location and vaccination status, Halloween may look a little more "normal" for you this year compared to 2020. Please continue to follow CDC guidelines for holiday celebrations.

1. Casey Becker (mid-Ghostface attack) in Scream:

Someone dressed as Casey being attacked by Ghostface in "Scream"

2. Pre/post-tornado Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz:

A woman dressed as Dorothy from "The Wizard of Oz," but half of her is in black and white and the other half is in color

3. Lara Croft's cheesy alter ego, Lara Kraft:

Someone dressed as Lara Croft...while holding Kraft mac 'n' cheese noodles

4. A patient from the Operation game:

A woman wearing sweats that have removable cardboard body parts labeled, and grilling tongs as the tool

5. Chocolate Lady from SpongeBob:

A woman dressed as Chocolate Lady from "SpongeBob," pushing her "mom" (a limbless skeleton) in a wheelchair

6. A punny Deer Evan Hansen:

Someone dressed as Evan Hansen (arm cast, blue shirt) from the Broadway Show, but also wearing antlers to look like a deer

7. (I'm sorry for this one) Sexy Dobby:

Dobby the Elf...but posed sexily

8. A Starbucks barista with a DIY Frappuccino:

Someone wearing a Starbucks apron and another wearing a brown dress with white feathers at the top as whipped cream

9. The beginning of 2020 and the end of 2020:

Someone dressed for a New Year's party with 2020 sunglasses in one pic vs. the next pic where the 2020 has now become blood

10. Contestants on Supermarket Sweep:

Two people wearing matching sweaters with name tags while pushing a shopping cart and carrying a giant ice cream inflatable

11. A punny Kevin Bacon:

A woman dressed as a strip of bacon, holding bacon, wearing a name tag that says "Kevin"

12. A bunch of M&M's:

Four people, each dressed as a differently colored MM

13. This Olivia Colman/Queen Anne combo from The Favourite:

A woman holding a fake Oscar while wearing a robe with stuffed bunnies attached to it

14. Ruth Vader Ginsburg:

A woman dressed as Ruth Bader Ginsburg...but holding a lightsaber with a gavel on the other end of it

15. Christmas trees:

Two people with green lace flowing down as a tress with working lights attached

16. A dunkin' donut:

A man dressed as a basketball player while wearing an inflatable tube donut

17. This iconic TLC album cover:

Someone dressed in red with their face cut into the backdrop of the "CrazySexyCool" album

18. A homemade Forky from Toy Story 4:

A little kid dressed as Forky from "Toy Story 4"

19. Beetlejuice:

Someone dressed as Beetlejuice

20. Penny Proud from The Proud Family:

Someone dressed in Penny Proud's signature outfit

21. Lisa and Ralph as "Floreda" and Idaho in The Simpsons:

Someone with a poster board with "Floreda" written on it and an orange taped to the front

22. ~Lorde~ Voldemort

Someone dressed as Voldemort while wearing Lorde's dress and wig

23. Monica Geller getting ready for the prom in Friends:

24. A murdered hockey fan:

Someone with a hockey puck sticking out of their face and fake blood streaming down

25. This very literal The Devil Wears Prada costume:

Someone painted red, with horns, holding a Runway magazine and a Prada purse

26. Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart, brownies and all:

Two people dressed as Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart, holding a tray of brownies, and wearing shirts that read "bakers gonna bake"

27. Leela from Futurama:

Someone dressed as Leela with a giant fake eye on their forehead

28. The Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus:

Three teachers dressed as the Sanderson Sisters from "Hocus Pocus"

29. A moth and a lamp:

Someone dressed up as a moth and another person dressed as the lamp from "A Christmas Story"

30. Dooneese, one of Kristen Wiig's characters from SNL:

31. Barbara and Adam's scary faces in Beetlejuice:

Two people dressed as the monster parents from "Beetlejuice"

32. A killer bee:

Someone dressed as a bloody bee while holding a knife

33. Ron Swanson and Tammy II from Parks and Rec:

One man wearing a robe with a rug-burned mustache, and a woman wearing censored leotard and glasses

34. Demi Moore and a blown-up Patrick Swayze in Ghost:

Someone sitting at a table, molding clay, with a blow-up doll of Patrick Swayze behind them

35. Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake at the 2001 American Music Awards:

Two people dressed in all-denim, perfectly matching Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake's 2001 red carpet look

36. Mushu and the Matchmaker from Mulan:

One person wearing red sweats with a hood as a dragon's mouth, and another dressed as the Matchmaker from "Mulan"

37. Toy soldiers from Toy Story:

Four people painted green and posing as toy soldier toys

38. A Publishers Clearing House winner and spokesperson:

A woman dressed as a Publishers Clearing House winner (robe and face mask and all), and a spokesperson with a giant check

39. Guy Fieri:

Someone dressed as Guy Fieri (goatee, dyed hair, flames t-shirt), standing next to an open fridge

40. Tom Hanks and Wilson in Cast Away:

A couple dressed as Tom Hanks' character and Wilson the volleyball from "Cast Away"

41. Miss Piggy:

Someone in a giant pink robe with a pig's nose on their face

42. A dill pickle and a doe, aka a dildo:

A man in a pickle costume and his partner dressed as a doe

43. Living pop art:

Someone dressed as a still painting with a text bubble coming out of their head

44. Bob Ross and some "happy" trees:

A group of friends dressed as painter Bob Ross and some green trees

45. Drunk Meredith from The Office:

A side-by-side of a drunk Meredith from "The Office" and a woman dressed just like her

46. A container of Nerds:

Two people with a poster board attached to them with a hand-drawn Nerds logo on it

47. And, of course, Mrs. Doubtfire:

Someone dressed as Mrs. Doubtfire with singe marks over their breasts

Does your best Halloween costume rival these? Upload a picture of it in the comments below!

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and clarity.

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