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    • sarahg48

      If this article is serious, I’m pissed at the fact I just wasted time reading this. It was like a train wreck you couldn’t look away from. Whoever wrote this is trying to justify the way this young, 13 year old girl mind you, is acting. I’m sorry, but what? At 13, my mother would’ve slapped me across the mouth for talking the way this girl does. And let us not disregard the fact that she stole a car… stole money… amongst a variety of other things?! Trying to justify her behavior as a way to “not bend to the societal norms” is pathetic. I get that girls should be individuals and March to the beat of their own drum, but this girl’s behavior is so far beyond that. This is why so many young kids act the way they act. They don’t get reprimanded, and then see shit like this and are being told they shouldn’t bend to what “society” wants. Sure she capitalized on her pathetic view of fame, but when she’s 22 or 23 looking for a job, I wish her luck because if she’s still acting like this, she’ll have a hell of a hard time trying to hold one down.

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