24 Movies To Watch Before They Leave HBO This August

    I'll miss you, Shrek 2!

    We're getting some great new things to stream on HBO this August, but that also means we have to say goodbye to some faves. Here's what to stream on HBO before it's gone:

    Date Night...

    ...The Bourne Identity...

    ...Shrek 2...

    ...The Grudge...

    ...50 First Dates...

    ...Ocean's 8, and more!

    Here's the full list of every title leaving HBO this August:

    Leaving Aug. 31

    50 First Dates

    Alpha and Omega 2: A Howl-iday Adventure

    Alpha and Omega 4: The Legend of the Sawtoothed Cave

    Alpha and Omega 5: Family Vacation

    Date Night

    Diary of a Wimpy Kid

    Down a Dark Hall


    Green Zone

    Ocean’s 8

    Shrek 2

    Sinister 2

    Super Troopers 2


    The Best Man

    The Bourne Identity

    The Bourne Supremacy

    The Grudge

    The Lego Ninjago Movie

    The Mask

    The Pelican Brief

    The Prestige

    The Wolfman