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Here All The Underrated TV Shows You Should Be Watching

And they're all currently on the air!

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the TV shows that they love but no one ever talks about. Here are some of the best ones:

1. Trial and Error, NBC


It started last year, but I haven't been able to get anyone besides my boyfriend to actually watch it. It is hilarious, and, if you like crime shows, it's a funny spoof on those. I actually cry from laughing during some of the episodes.



4. Casual, Hulu


Casual has not gotten the hype it truly deserves. The show is totally bingeworthy and centers on a dysfunctional relationship between a grown sister and her younger bachelor brother who’s got major commitment issues. It's so entertaining, but you also can’t help but relate to the characters and their daily struggles. —ellenpdx

6. Younger, TV Land

TV Land

It's an incredible show that features strong female friendships, great love stories, LGBT representation, feminist topics, and plenty of drama. Plus, it portrays millennials as the hardworking, almost-adults that we are. —ramosflowers

7. Schitt's Creek, (Pop)


This show is good from the get-go. Eugene Levy and his son Daniel have helped create such a funny, charming, and snarky show. Watching these former millionaires fall and try to deal with having a new lifestyle, like living in a run-down hotel, is always fun. Catherine O'Hara is per-freaking-fection in probably her best role, other than Beetlejuice. —a490d886ea


9. Dear White People, Netflix


This show is so good that I binged both seasons in one sitting. The characters are so complex and I love that they all have such unique perspectives and experiences. Plus, the show is super timely. It discusses everything from gun violence and blackface, to interracial relationships and Twitter trolls. It's also funny and romantic, so don't let the heavy topics stop you from checking it out!



13. Good Girls, NBC


It's about three women who find themselves and learn to live their best life while simultaneously living a life of crime. Christina Hendricks, Mae Whitman, and Retta are an iconic cast of women that play off each other so well. I can’t stop watching, AND YET NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT IT! —erinmiffyp

14. The Fosters, Freeform

Tony Rivetti / Freeform

It's been the best show since 2013. It has LGBT characters, a beautiful multi-racial family, and it deals with real-life situations like relationships, anxiety, and adoptions. —keanue

15. Good Behavior, TNT


Good Behavior is fantastic! The chemistry between Michelle Dockery and Juan Diego Botto is off the charts. All of the characters, and the storyline, really hit me in the feels. Some people are just screw-ups and they can barely keep their lives together. It’s like watching a car accident — awful, sad, and you just can’t look away. —carriecakes


16. Cable Girls, Netflix


Cable Girls on Netflix is so underrated because it’s in Spanish and people don’t want to read subtitles, but the drama is amazing. The characters get you hooked, and it has great representation of LGBTQ characters! —juliar4a8736366

17. Timeless, NBC


Timeless is an amazing show that goes horribly unnoticed. It has strong, intelligent, female and PoC characters, plus it addresses issues that they, along with LGBTQ+ characters, faced in the past. It teaches you facts about history you might not know and has fun character interactions with famous figures of the past. I implore people to watch this show so it doesn't get canceled for a second time! —borntoberandom

18. One Day at a Time, Netflix


I’m absolutely in love with One Day At A Time for four main reasons: the characters are extremely lovable, there's LGBTQ representation, it's relevant and is a fantastic display of Latin American representation in pop culture, and RITA MORENO IS A TRUE ICON!! —stephanieb4a58afa96

19. Imposters, Bravo


A surprisingly awesome dark comedy about a female con artist who marries people, steals all their money, and then disappears. But, three of her ex-victims band together to take her down. I totally recommend! —jaimier43bc8a759


20. Legion, FX


It is FANTASTIC! The storylines are mind-bending and the visuals are absolutely stunning. The first season is on Hulu, and the second season just started on FX a couple of weeks ago. If you hurry, you can catch up!


21. Hap and Leonard, Sundance TV

Sundance TV

I stumbled upon this show and, because the guy from The Wire was in it, I thought I would just see what it was all about. Before I knew it, I had watched two whole seasons. I'm currently watching Season 3, and I’m loving it. —makedac2

22. The Mick, Fox


I love this show! It's about an aunt of three very rich children who has to care for them after their parents are sent to jail. It's so funny and can be pretty heartwarming at times. —fobfan2011

23. GLOW, Netflix


The number one reason people give me for not watching this show is that they don’t like wrestling, but you don’t have to like wrestling to like GLOW. There is so much more going on outside of the ring. In the first season alone, it addressed lack of good acting roles for women and minorities, adultery, abortion, gender roles in families, cocaine abuse, immigration, the Cold War, being an outsider, how Hollywood stereotypes minorities, and so much more. —angels4d4906ef4


24. Superstore, NBC


It is so cleverly written, and the cast has perfect timing. They address a surprising number of social issues, with a group of characters from lots of different backgrounds, in a way that makes me laugh out loud EVERY EPISODE. Plus, If you’ve ever worked any kind of customer service job, something happens at least once an episode that's so real it hurts. —awkwrdcait

25. Blindspot, NBC


I had wanted to watch it FOREVER and finally coerced my mom into watching it with me. She thought she was gonna hate it, but we ended up binge-watching the entire first season all in one night. It can get a little cheesy at times, but they always make up for it with something great. —badwolf03

27. Lucifer, FOX


I originally put it on while doing boring household chores, but instead I got hooked and the chores got put off. A crime-solving devil!? It doesn't get any better than that. Plus, HELLO TOM ELLIS!!! <3 —neslik


28. DC's Legends of Tomorrow, The CW

The CW

Its a fun superhero show that features a diverse cast, including an openly bisexual woman and a practicing Muslim woman, who are just the best ragtag group of screw-up heroes! It is funny, sweet, heartwarming, and doesn't take itself too seriously, like a lot of other superhero shows do. It acknowledges how ridiculous comic books can sometimes be and uses that fact well. It's just an AMAZING show!! —k40f1482ae

29. The OA, Netflix


It's an extremely well done Netflix original that has fantastic character development and an interesting storyline. I have NEVER heard anyone else talk about it (except the person who told me to watch it). It's one of my top three favorite shows! —maddyyaaasss

30. Vikings, the History Channel


It’s been around for a while, and it's absolutely amazing. It has complex characters, amazing visuals, and is perfect for Game of Thrones fans. Also, Lagertha is the badass shield-maiden we all need right now. JUST WATCH IT!!!!!!!!!!!


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