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A Definitive Ranking Of The 14 Hottest Male Royals

Because you can totally marry them.

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14. Albert, prince of Thurn and Taxis

Getty Images Andreas Rentz

Country: Germany

Age: 31

Sign: Cancer

Hot like: A man wearing nothing but lederhosen feeding you a steaming hot bratwurst in an enchanted park in Cologne.

Perfect for: Someone who has a need for speed — Albert is an accomplished race car driver.

13. Haakon, Crown Prince of Norway

Ragnar Singsaas / Via Getty Images

Country: Norway

Age: 41

Sign: Cancer

Hot like: Wearing a wool poncho while cozying up next to a burning fireplace on a mountain in Bergen, overlooking the bay.

Perfect for: Someone who has a bit of a wild side. Haakon's wife, Mette-Marit, was the subject of scandalous gossip when it was revealed she was involved in the rave scene. No joke.

12. Prince Joachim Karl-Maria Nikolaus Isabelle Marcus d’Aviano

Mark Renders / Via Getty

Country: Belgium

Age: 22

Sign: Sagitarrius

Hot like: Eating fresh-from-the-stove Belgian waffles in a Bruges apartment with windows large enough to see the snowflakes landing gently on the cobblestone streets.

Perfect for: Someone who is as noble as he is. He's literally descended from every kind of kingdom and nobility in Europe.

11. King Felipe VI

Mathis Wienand / Via Getty Images

Country: Spain

Age: 46

Sign: Aquarius

Hot like: Some delicious chorizo that you had no idea was going to be so hot that it burned your tongue but it didn't really matter because you kind of liked it.

Perfect for: Someone who enjoys the water. Felipe competed in the 1992 Olympics for sailing.


10. Prince Haji Abdul Azim aka Prince Azim

Astrid Stawiarz / Via Getty

Country: Brunei

Age: 31

Sign: Leo

Hot like: Chugging champagne while on a yacht under the Mediterranean high noon sun and you look over and Bono is there and you're like, "Holy shit, I'm partying with Bono!"

Perfect for: The person who loves some pretty epic parties.

9. Prince Wenzeslaus

Pascal Le Segretain / Via Getty Images

Country: Liechtenstein

Age: 40

Sign: Taurus

Hot like: Not knowing what a Liechtenstein is and definitely not caring if you have to move there if you get to be with Wenz.

Perfect for: Someone who could pass as a Victoria's Secret Model (he used to date supermodel Adriana Lima).

8. Prince Philippos

Chris Jackson / Via Getty

Country: Greece (exiled) and Denmark

Age: 28

Sign: Taurus

Hot like: Looking over at your best friend Gordo after you pretended to be an Italian pop star named Isabella and got to perform at the Coliseum and realizing that he is actually way hotter than that weird guy Paolo so you give him a peck and fireworks go off and a slight spark hits your shoulder.

Perfect for: Someone who is just as blue-blooded as he is. Philippos is one of the most well-connected royals. One of his aunts is the Queen of Denmark, another is the Queen of Spain.

7. Andrea Casiraghi

Didier Baverel / Via Getty Images

Country: Monaco

Age: 30

Sign: Gemini

Hot like: The sweat that consumes you while you race to catch "The Cat" after you've helped him clear his name.

Perfect for: Someone who is educated and hip, but, like, SUPER rich. His wife, Tatiana Santo Domingo, is a member of one of the richest families in the world.


6. Prince William

Ian Gavan / Via Getty Images

Country: England, Scotland, Wales

Age: 32

Sign: Gemini/ Cancer cusp

Hot like: Your best friend's dad who is pretty old but still kind of hot because he's over 40 and still has abs.

Perfect for: Someone who is Kate Middleton.

5. Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark

Getty Images Pascal Le Segretain

Country: Denmark

Age: 46

Sign: Gemini

Hot like: Being able to walk into Noma, the world's No. 1 restaurant, without having to put your name on the months-long waiting list.

Perfect for: Someone who is independent. Frederik's Australian wife, Princess Mary, was working as an account manager when the two met while he was in Sydney for the 2000 Olympics.

4. Pierre Casiraghi

Didier Baverel / Via Getty Images

Country: Monaco

Age: 27

Sign: Virgo

Hot like: Talking to someone in a sweaty bar in a random European principality and their accent is so weird but it adds a bit of mystery like, "WHO ARE YOU?"

Perfect for: Someone who is both European and a descent of Hollywood royalty (his grandmother was none other than Grace Kelly).

3. Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum

Marwan Naamani/ AFP / Via Getty Images

Country: Dubai

Age: 32

Sign: Scorpio

Hot like: Deciding to get a tan while you're in Dubai in June and you only have to stand outside for three minutes.

Perfect for: Someone who loves the written word. Hamdan writes poetry under the pen name Fazza.

2. Prince Carl Philip

Pascal Le Segretain / Via Getty Images

Country: Sweden

Age: 35

Sign: Taurus

Hot like: Studying abroad in Sweden and randomly meeting every member of the Skarsgård family and suddenly they all want to take you nude sailing around the coast of Gotland.

Perfect for: Someone who has an appreciation for art — he studied graphic design at the Rhode Island School of Design — and has a wild side. His fiancée, Sofia Hellqvist, was a reality TV star.

1. Prince Henry Charles Albert David aka Prince Harry

Stuart C. Wilson / Via Getty Images

Country: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales

Age: 30

Sign: Virgo

Hot like: Harry.

Perfect for: Me and only me.