19 Disney Cake Fails That Would Make Mickey Shed One, Single Tear

    Are these princesses...OK?

    1. This abstract rendition of Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

    2. This minimalist take on Ariel from The Little Mermaid...

    3. ...as well as THIS absolute beauty.

    4. This Buzz Lightyear cake with disturbingly human-like teeth.

    5. This Tangled cake with a nice...big...tower...

    6. ...and this princess cake with multiple nice..big..towers!

    7. This Rapunzel cake topper that truly captures her essence and beauty.

    8. This Chewbacca cake that really nailed all the little details.

    9. This Lion King cake where Simba and Nala are morphing into one mutant lion.

    10. This Moana cake that's basically a still from the actual film

    11. This Cinderella cake where Cindy has a VERY strong jawline...

    12. ...this Cinderella cake that turned out exactly as these people dreamed...

    13. ...and THIS Cinderella cake that boldly imagines what she would look like if she were a giraffe.

    14. This Elsa cake that's straight out of Dragon Ball Z...

    15. ...and THIS Elsa cake that's straight out of our collective nightmares.

    16. This Minnie Mouse cake that's a clear ace-in-the-hole.

    17. And finally, whatever's going on here.