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The 29 Most WTF TV Moments Of 2015

It has been a wonderfully WTF year. Some bits are a bit NSFW.

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2. When Bill Turnbull said "cunt" without warning.

He later tweeted that he got the words "customers" and "clients" mixed up.


4. When This Morning did a feature on a new thing called vagina facials at, like, 10.30 in the morning.

After applying the cream she said, "I’m going to reserve my judgement until the next time I dance the horizontal tango."

6. When this insanely quick answer happened in the last few minutes of the University Challenge final. / Via ITV Studios /

"What two-word Greek term denotes..."


7. When Liam Dutton from Channel 4 News said this very long name during a weather report.

Facebook: video.php



9. When everyone noticed the difference between the Americans and the Brits during the women's 400 metres at the World Athletics Championships. / Via

10. When Kanye performed at Glastonbury and the subtitles on BBC Two were like this.

Oh, BBC2 and your subtitling. Bless. #glastonbury #kanye #bless #motherducker

Until they basically gave up.

Meanwhile at #Glastonbury the subtitle department of the BBC have called it a day.


13. When nobody on The X Factor knew how to clap.

#XFactor JUDGES INTERVIEW: Q: Can you clap like a normal person? A: No Great. Welcome to the team!

14. When ITV made celebrities herd sheep for a gameshow for some reason and Gabby Logan said the worst catchphase of all time. / Via ITV / Liberty Bell




15. When Krishnan Guru-Murthy decided to ask hardball questions in an interview that Robert Downey Jr thought would be about Avengers: Age of Ultron.

16. When Fox News did an interview with a guy who claimed non-Muslims are not allowed in Birmingham, so BBC Midlands came back with this sass the next day.

17. When Tanya was meant to say "How's Ian?" during EastEnders Live, but accidentally said "How's Adam?" – the name of the actor who plays Ian.

And then Adam said this on Twitter.

@dollyjoyner Thanks for asking, I'm fine.


And everyone was like...

I want what this drummer has taken. #Eurovision2015

21. When Piers Morgan gave Lorraine Kelly a cushion with his face on and Lorraine accidentally said "oh I can sit on your face now."

25. While a man suggestively ate a muffin in the background of BBC election night coverage.


26. When a BBC reporter said "personality cunt" instead of "personality cult" while talking about UKIP.

Boy, the BBC said "cunt" a lot this year.

29. And, finally, when a BBC Sport presenter pretended to use an iPad at the end of a bulletin for no reason.

Don't worry, nobody noticed.


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