We Officially Have A Winner For Our AI Emoji Generator Contest, And It Pretty Much Sums Up My Life Right Now

    With over 3,400 submissions, it was a difficult choice for our judges.

    Our first Emoji Generator contest has officially come to a close. Over 3,400 submissions were made using BuzzFeed's new AI-powered engine, where users got to make their own custom emoji for a chance to win $100! But fear not — you can still use the generator, even though the contest has concluded!

    Emoji search screen displaying a variety of face emojis expressing different emotions

    It was a stressful decision for our judges. We took creativity, originality, and function into account, and it was NOT an easy choice. But without further ado, we're excited to announce that the official winner is...

    1. Winner: Dumpster Fire

    And we couldn't help but give some shoutouts to the incredibly creative and still desperately needed emoji entries below...

    2. Purrito:

    Animated cat character wrapped in a beige blanket with a hood, peeking out with one paw visible

    3. Ready to Receive the Tea:

    Woman emoji with a neutral expression, holding a coffee cup

    4. When You're on Vacation but Still Dead Inside:

    Illustration of a smiling skeleton wearing a hat, holding a lime drink on a shelf

    5. Toilet Texting:

    Emoji of a bald person in a tank top using a smartphone while sitting on a toilet

    6. Girl Dinner:

    A plate with cheese, crackers, and grapes arranged neatly

    7. Axolotl:

    Illustration of a cute, smiling axolotl with a simple gray background

    8. Grilled Cheese:

    Grilled cheese sandwich with melted cheese oozing out

    9. Eat Sh*t:

    A plate with emoji-style poop figures, one with a face, between a fork and knife

    10. Chicken and Waffles:

    A plate holds waffles, fried chicken, and a scoop of ice cream topped with syrup and a strawberry

    11. Voldy With the Nails:

    Animated character with surprised expression and pink nails, covering mouth with hand

    12. Uterus:

    Cartoon figure with large eyes and a curly tail

    13. That One Friend:

    Animated frog character wearing a sombrero, riding a motorcycle

    14. Bánh Mì:

    Illustration of a sandwich with lettuce, tomato, onions, and sliced meat

    15. Larry David With Elmo:

    Larry David holding an animated smiling Elmo from Sesame Street

    16. Crawfish Boil:

    Illustration of lobsters and corn in a pot on newspaper

    17. Espresso Martini:

    Espresso martini with coffee beans scattered around the base of the glass

    18. Jesus Is Always Watching:

    Illustration of Jesus holding binoculars to his eyes

    19. Cardi B With Pepsi:

    Animated character with blue hair holding a Pepsi can, wearing a shirt with the Pepsi logo

    20. Dolphin Milk:

    Illustration of a smiling dolphin pouring milk from its beak into a glass

    21. Migraine:

    Emoji of a person with a pained expression, holding their head as if experiencing a headache

    22. Stop Talking:

    Emoji showing a person with hands on face in a gesture of disbelief or exasperation

    23. Plant Mom:

    Emoji of a person with curly hair emerging from a potted plant

    24. Pitbull Unicorn:

    Illustration of a unicorn with a rainbow mane, dog face, and golden horn

    25. White Wine:

    A glass of white wine filled to the midpoint, positioned against a gray background

    26. Northern Lights:

    Aurora borealis over a mountainous landscape with a reflective lake

    And finally...

    27. Lasagna:

    Illustration of a stacked lasagna with sauce on a plate garnished with basil

    Now it's your turn to voice your opinion. Which emoji do you think deserved to win? Comment below!

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