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11 Places That Desperately Need Service

Let's be real: Life is actually unlivable without service. Don't get caught without your Samsung GALAXY S4 zoom — the brave souls on SOS Island sure wouldn't.

10 People Who Struggled For A Good Shot

These people went to great lengths for photos... and failed miserably. Don't worry, you won't have to try so hard for a great shot with Samsung GALAXY S4 zoom — let the camera do all the work.

11 Things People Would Probably Bring To A Desert Island In 2013

Water filter, fishing pole, yeah, yeah, yeah. Let's get real about the true life essentials. You'll find them on SOS Island. It's all about the Samsung GALAXY S4 zoom... and maybe Instagram.

A Cat's Guide To NYC

Most people would agree that New York City is a magical place, full of wonderful sights and sounds. But for a cat, New York City is a WONDERLAND! Not a cat? Doesn't matter! You can capture your favorite moments with the Samsung GALAXY Camera.

32 Instagrammers That You Should Totally Be Following

Wanna see some awesome photography? Check out these awesome instagrammers and find more awesome photographs taken with their Samsung GALAXY Camera on Samsung's "Life's a Photo: Take It" contest.

10 Things People Need To Stop Instagramming

JUST STOP! Stop instagramming bad pictures and start taking good ones with the Samsung GALAXY Camera.