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10 People Who Struggled For A Good Shot

These people went to great lengths for photos... and failed miserably. Don't worry, you won't have to try so hard for a great shot with Samsung GALAXY S4 zoom — let the camera do all the work.

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1. This girl who can't take a decent selfie to save her life.


And now she's dead on the inside.

2. This guy who seemed like he had it coming.


Literally no one feels bad for him.

3. This woman who just wanted to be sexy.


But will never try again.

4. The girl who just KNEW this was bound to happen.


Of course it was.

5. These gals who don't know what a camera is.


But got a great shot of the field!

6. This Segway rider who should have never been on a Segway.



7. The baseball player who can't play baseball or take pictures.


Sorry, dude.

8. The cat owner who faced a monster.

And got an angry cat selfie in return.
Colleen Stufflebeem / Via

And got an angry cat selfie in return.

9. The cameraman who doesn't know how he has a job.


And no one else does either.

10. The guy who doesn't understand nature.


So nature taught him a lesson.

With a Samsung GALAXY S4 zoom, you can nail it without all the risk. / Via sosisland

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