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11 Places That Desperately Need Service

Let's be real: Life is actually unlivable without service. Don't get caught without your Samsung GALAXY S4 zoom — the brave souls on SOS Island sure wouldn't.

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Because literally nothing is worse than this. / Via roorows

1. Especially in places like this: the hellhole known as the subway platform.

CC BY 2.0 / Andrew Goloida / Via Flickr: perspective

Here. Service is absolutely needed here. You need more than a stranger's face to distract you from the extreme heat/cold/smell/rats, etc., etc.

3. In the middle of nowhere.

CC BY 2.0 / cireremarc / Via Flickr: 23291498@N04

Oh you're on vacation? Good thing you told everyone you were going to be "off the grid" for a while because you literally don't have a choice.

5. In a packed elevator. / Via tpate89

Elevators: always hot, always awkward, and you're always pretending you're on your phone when you aren't because there's no service.

8. In the basement your friend insists on hanging out in.


And you HATE being in that basement without service because you're always expecting the worst. How are you supposed to speed dial 911?!

On a desert island.

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Fortunately, for Samsung GALAXY S4 zoom users, not having service is never a problem. Watch SOS Island to see real-life people survive on an island thanks to their smartphones.

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