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A Cat's Guide To NYC

Most people would agree that New York City is a magical place, full of wonderful sights and sounds. But for a cat, New York City is a WONDERLAND! Not a cat? Doesn't matter! You can capture your favorite moments with the Samsung GALAXY Camera.

First Stop: American Museum of Natural History. Hey, dinosaurs! Pretty cool... if you believe in that evolution garbage (and most cats don't).

NOW we're talking.

Yo. Check her out. TOTAL cougar, amiright?

So all you do is sit by a window 24/7, motionless, staring off into the middle distance? Totes jealz.

Look at these downtown hipster a-holes.

Imagine a world ruled by cats. J/K, this world is already ruled by cats.

I don't know what this is. But here's something I DO know: I'm gonna climb up there. And I'm gonna poop in it.

You know why cats hate pedicabs? Because they're expensive and slow. Same reason everyone hates 'em.

I bet if I could read this would spell something pretty cool.

MoMa: Nice, comfy boxes but what kind of hotel doesn't let you scratch the furniture?

NEMESIS. You're lucky there's a river between us, lunch.

Stopped by Chinatown. Or as I like to call it, HolyShitOMGFishFishFish-Town.

This place would be amazing even if I weren't totally blitzed-out on catnip. (Which I am).

You call it the A-Train. I call it the All-You-Can-Eat Rat Buffet.

I can't BELIEVE I got kicked out of this dump. Those dead birds were a gift for DEREK JETER! A gift!!!

Talk about your tourist trap. I was stuck here for three hours before escaping in some weirdo's man-bag.

Saw Cat Power here once. And Cat Stevens. And the Pussycat Dolls... See what I'm doing? YA WELCOME.

Note to self: Maybe avoid Times Square next time. There are tourists everywhere and some red, furry dude charging for hugs.


G'Night, New York! Remember, YOLN! (You Only Live Nine Times.) Man, I gotta get on Twitter.

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