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32 Instagrammers That You Should Totally Be Following

Wanna see some awesome photography? Check out these awesome instagrammers and find more awesome photographs taken with their Samsung GALAXY Camera on Samsung's "Life's a Photo: Take It" contest.

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2. Michael Schulz (Berlin)

“When you come to Berlin for the first time, you have to discard the overall idea of what is beautiful” – Michael’s photography focuses on the strange, weird, curious and distinguishable things that are “typical” in Berlin.

Follow Michael on Instagram: @berlinstagram

3. Thomas Kakareko (Berlin)

A mobile street photographer who loves black & white imagery. His favorite parts of Berlin for street photography are the Kreuzberg and Oranienstraße districts, above all for the style of the people and the urban backgrounds.

Follow Thomas on Instagram: @thomas_k

5. Juan Pascual (Madrid)

Juan is a technical architect (and architecture lover). Since discovering Instagram two years ago, Juan has spent a lot of free time taking pictures, and finding new perspectives of the places he visits.

Follow Juan on Instagram: @juanpas9

7. Luis Rodriguez (Madrid)

A Spanish architect in love with mobile photography. Now one of Spain’s most prolific mobile photographers - he spends a lot of time, everyday searching for great things to shoot.

Follow Luis on instagram: @luison

8. Mayka Navarro (Madrid)

A journalist who’s passionate about communication, telling stories and expressing feelings, Mayka strives to get emotions from those who read about her, see her on TV, listens to her on the radio.

Follow Mayka instagram: @maykita

9. Ingrid Weir (Sydney)

Ingrid works as a set and costume designer in Sydney. She is also a blogger, exploring the Australian countryside while creating a country hideaway in a nineteenth century gold rush town.

Follow Ingrid on Instagram: @ingridweir

10. Olly Lang (Sydney)

Olly’s mobile phone images have been shown in exhibitions and press both locally and in Europe. He currently teaches mobile photography courses at the Australian Centre for Photography.

Follow Olly on Instagram: @oggsie

12. Daniel Waldron (San Francisco)

A designer living in San Francisco. Heavily influenced by the world around him, he loves to capture what he sees in everyday life and to make it his own through his work.

Follow Daniel on Instagram: @dew

15. Michelle Grenier (San Fransisco)

Musician and documentary filmmaker. Landscape lover and avid explorer. Inspired by water, trees, fog, and the scenery of San Francisco. Endlessly fascinated by light.

Follow Michelle on instagram: @michiesharine

17. Hervé Bois (Paris)

Herve discovered photography through Instagram in April 2011. He is particularly attracted by colours and natural forms. While Paris has captured his heart, in his spare time, he enjoys walks in the Poitou Charentes, southwest France.

Follow Hervé on Instagram: @timbrado

18. Natalie Geffroy (Paris)

Art school graduate and creative director. Natalie trolls through urban areas with her camera, ready to immortalize moments of life taken on the spot. Always looking out for “the kind of daily moments we rarely pay attention to.

Follow Natalie on instagram: @nathparis

23. Tanya Burr (London)

A 22-year-old who has taken YouTube by storm with her make-up and style tutorials. Tanya’s love for fashion is evident as she is often found on the front benches at fashion week. Her favourite place to take in the London skyline is the Duck and Waffle at the top of the Heron Tower.

Follow Tanya on instagram: @tanyaburr

24. Giacomo Por (Milan)

“I look at landscapes with my head turned backwards. I see the eyes of inverted shadows. Not orthodox, not orthogonal. I suspect that playing with silk and dust renders eternal. More I can not reveal, but only power in silence” Giacomo’s soundtrack to the city? Lyra, by Brian Eno and Robert Fripp.

Follow Giacomo on Instagram: @saturninofarandola

27. Raffaele Cavicchi (Milan)

Raffaele discovered photography two years ago using instagram, He loves street photography and candid shots. He loves the streets of Brera and drinking at bar Straf.

Follow Raffaele on instagram: @ralfmalf

28. Dirk Bakker (Amsterdam)

Dirk is, in his own words, “a mature freelance photographer” from Amsterdam. With a history in graphic design, he loves the “lines of the city”, the beautiful abstract patterns found in architecture or even a simple strip of pavement.

Follow Dirk on Instagram: @macenzo

29. Kitty de Jong (Amsterdam)

Kitty lives in Amsterdam with her husband, 4 children and dog. Kitty is fascinated by light and loves to capture everyday moments and the beauty of the world around her.

Follow Kitty on Instagram: @panyrek

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