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19 Annoying Disney Plot Holes That Still Don't Make Any Fricking Sense

Some shit bugged you on the way to a happy ending.

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which Disney movie moments always annoy them. Here are the infuriating results.

1. Maybe the biggest one of all — we know that Ariel can read and write, since she signs Ursula's contract. Why doesn't she search for a quill and parchment, or even WRITE IN THE SAND, when she meets Prince Eric?

2. Despite being told NUMEROUS times not to go to the West Wing in the castle, WHY does Belle go anyway — and then act surprised when the Beast is mad at her for doing so?!?


4. Everything that the Fairy Godmother transformed reverted back to its original state at the stroke of midnight — except Cinderella's glass slippers. Why didn't they turn back?

5. Was Mulan really *THAT* good at dressing in drag that she fooled the entire Chinese army into thinking she was a man? That includes Shang, who interacted with her face-to-face!


9. On that note, why did Prince Charming have to search far and wide for Cinderella and check EVERY single woman's foot in the kingdom? If he was searching for the love of his life, wouldn't he at least have remembered her facial features and that she was blonde?

11. The Genie's magic doesn't *QUITE* hold up. When Aladdin wishes to be a prince, Genie just gives him the clothing and a parade. But when Jafar wishes to be sultan, Genie upends the monarchy. HUH?


13. The timeline in Beauty and the Beast seems to be totally messed up. For starters, the Beast is cursed when he is a young boy (probably about 11 years old) — yet there's a human portrait of him in the castle as a young man! We need answers.

—Dani Dymond, Facebook

14. Additionally, the castle is just a short distance from Belle's village. Did none of the villagers notice the building descend into disrepair in just a few short years?

—Tara Toma, Facebook

15. OK, this is just a matter of practicality — if Elsa built an all-ice castle, wouldn't that mean her bed was just a block of ice? WHAT ABOUT HER TOILET? It just doesn't seem comfortable!

16. Swinging back to Ariel. King Triton is LEGIT scary when he discovers her grotto. Why is he SO angry when he destroys her prized possessions?

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