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Proof The Beast Was Actually 11 When He Was Cursed In "Beauty And The Beast"

This settles it.

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During the movie, we find out all the petals have nearly fallen off the rose, and the curse has been in place for 10 years.


This makes sense if the Beast is nearly 21 - and was thus cursed when he was 10-11 years old.

But some fans point to the rather adult-looking portrait of the prince as evidence the curse actually suspended his aging.


Some believe that the "21st year" comment may refer to the length of the curse itself, although this contradicts Lumiere's "10 years" statement.

But it seems Disney answered this question themselves back in 1997, in the direct-to-video sequel Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas.

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So that settles that! But it also raises so many more questions...

Like, what kind of "good" enchantress curses an 11-year-old for not wanting to let in a random stranger at night?

Especially one who is a prince and could be assassinated or what have you?

What kind of prince answers the door himself anyway?

He can't be THAT selfish or lazy if he does that?

Also like no wonder he is screwed up, his only friends are servants???

Like he doesn't even have any family?

Where are his parents?

If he's the prince then where is the king?!

And how did a whole kingdom not notice that their prince had been turned into a beast?

What is the DEAL with Chip?!

Was he born AS A TEACUP?

And btw what about all those "brother and sister" teacups in the cupboard? Mrs Potts has got some explaining to do.