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    • Staringsarah

      I was 19 when I gave birth to my first born. I remember waiting to be “officially” admitted and hearing some poor woman down the hall screaming like her insides were being ripped out and I got SCARED AS HELL but I decided to try to go without drugs. It wasn’t that bad at first, it felt like little cramps and I could hold a conversation with people while I was having a contraction. Until I dilated to 8 and the pain was pretty freaking intense. I didn’t scream or moan or cuss anyone out. I didn’t say or do anything. It was like having so much pain that I was just paralyzed and couldn’t/wouldn’t talk to anyone. I tried “forgetting” my pain by focusing on something else so I stared at a picture of a baby on a beach for a good two hours and it legit felt like my mind disconnected from my body so that I wouldn’t go insane. When it was finally time to push I started when the nurse walked out to go get the doctor because I was tired of waiting and so when the on call doctor came in she said “hold on stop pushing” so I actually stopped mid push thinking something was wrong and she asked “how old are you?” Which I replied “19” and she said “oh you look twelve” and laughed. My mom and boyfriend had to hold my legs back to keep me from kicking her in the face. So freaking rude. The pushing part was pretty fast. There was a slight burn when her head was coming out but it faded really quickly. When she finally was all the way out the nurse ripped back my gown, put a slimy teeny tiny perfect baby on my chest and told me to keep pushing…….cause apparently you birth a placenta, which I wasn’t aware of. I was in labor for about 9 hours but only 2 hours was actually difficult.

    • Staringsarah

      When Elsa built a castle and all I could think was that she had to have built herself a bed made of ice and that had to be the most uncomfortable thing in the world and then when Ana came in and was like “hey girl you froze our whole kingdom” and Elsa just kicked her out like it wasn’t her business anymore, uh yes it is child. Also, how did she eat? Did she have to stay in her one dress for the duration of her stay there? What about showers? So many follow up questions.

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